30 November 2012

Zedd – Clarity ft Foxes (Aylen Remix)

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

So big man Dusty already included this as one of the “Five Best Dance Songs of the Week,” but I wanted to highlight it a little more because I like Aylen‘s work and this song is too dope to go unnoticed.

This little diddy is a remix of one of my favorite Zedd songs, “Clarity.” I love the combination of the grimy bass Aylen uses and the high pitched vocals of Foxes. This is a straight up jam with enough accessibility to be a party song and enough filth to be a rave song.

Aylen kills it per usual, really complementing the original by giving it a slightly different pace and a very different feel.


Throw it down this weekend with Aylen’s help.


Dream Big


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