08 November 2013

[Video] Watch Chance the Rapper Cover Coldplay’s “Fix You”

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

I remember watching a video a while back of Chance the Rapper in which he claimed he’s not a singer. There was some other term he used for what you might hear as singing, but he was quick to say that it wasn’t singing. I’m not sure what he would consider himself doing on this cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” from his performance in Syracuse, but it sure sounds like singing to me. The quality isn’t spectacular, but it’s worth watching nonetheless. I’d have to argue it’s not as great as I thought it could be, but any of those moments where Chance slows down and shows his emotions (similar to the part in “Paranoia” where he says “I know you’re scared…me too“) gets to me. So I like this. It’s a ballsy move, but that’s Chance. And that’s why I respect him so much.

[via PMA]


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