20 March 2014

[Video] Raury – God’s Whisper

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Raury!

Raury is a 17-year-old artist from Atlanta, GA. He was previously included on the CDs for a Broken Record Tape Tuesday with his song “Bloom.” The reason I am posting about him is that his music is interesting. As music bloggers, we often get caught up in this unspoken battle to discover who is next up. Sometimes in this battle, the music gets lost, and we start to think in backwards terms like “people will like it if I post this song” rather than “I like this song so I will post it.” So here I am. As Raury is doing interviews expressing his disdain for the way the arts are treated in schools, I am expressing my desire for a greater focus on music in the music blogs. And if you need something to write about, well, I recommend you check out “God’s Whisper” by Raury. It is an electric song that is structured on a tribal rhythm and is elevated by a passionate cry for understanding of the youth and change of the status quo. Its video is immaculately directed by Andrew Donoho and sheds light on some of the big, cultural ideas held by Raury and his camp. If everything goes according to plan, Raury will be releasing his debut Indigo Child EP this summer.

Church (n.): A public gathering of like minded individuals.


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