03 November 2011

[Video] Oncue – Better Than Before

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Oncue – Better Than Before

Wow. I had to the chance to talk to Oncue about a year ago, and it’s amazing to see how he’s progressed. November 16th is a date that cannot come fast enough in my opinion; Cuey will be dropping his first entirely original (free) album, “Can’t Wait.” The tape will feature a lot of production by CJ Luzi, he produced this track as well as a lot of Cuey’s past releases.

This track highlights Cuey’s honesty and realness, and the cinematography really adds another level to this entire project.

Trust me, Oncue is just on the verge of blowing up big.  He’s working with Mike Posner (the two have shared a few different Twitter interactions referencing their collaboration), and I’m excited to see what Cuey does next after “Can’t Wait,” it’ll be interesting to see how this project launches his career.

“Better than Before” Video

November 16th — mark your calendars. #CantWait

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