10 February 2012

[Video] Justin Vernon and The Roots – Perth

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

More live Bon Iver? Yes.

This absolutely blew my mind.

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver recently dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform ?uestlove’s favorite Bon Iver “jawn” with the frontman.

The version they came up with is a strong diversion from the original opener to Bon Iver, Bon Iver and boy, does it sound beautiful. It’s much longer than the original, which allows for a lot of improvisation both on Vernon’s part and on the part of the “most legendary band in late night television.”

Vernon’s voice sounds as good as it’s ever sounded, and I think their use of autotune adds a really interesting element to the song–there was some of it in the original, but nowhere near as much as there is in this version.

Anyone else think it would be downright criminal to not hop in the studio and get an official recording of this? It’s too beautiful not to record.

Really, really love the way Vernon and The Roots compliment each other here–of course Quest is unbelievable and his drums always add another level to anything he touches, but the whole group here really meshes in an awesome way, allowing for a lot of creativity. Vernon seems to be genuinely stimulated by those around him here. Really awesome.


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