08 January 2013

[Video] Jez Dior – Love Me To Death

posted by: Dusty New Music Daily

We first heard Jez Dior late last summer when he dropped his instantly popular (and only) jam, “Candles.” Featuring a polished Daughter sample and an emotionally-charged video, Jezzy instantly turned heads as an artist who had all the right elements in place. Still, he only came toting a single song, which left most of us wanting more from the mysterious new muse.

Tonight, Mr. Dior finally relieves us with the release of his second cut, “Love Me To Death,” off his upcoming mixtape Scarlett Sage. In the few months that he’s stayed quiet, you can tell that JD has carefully been honing his craft.

From the dramatic strings to the dizzying visuals, Jez Dior has leapfrogged himself in every category, serving up another stellar piece of work.

Peep the heartfelt video below.


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