10 August 2011

[Video] Fortune Family – Young Hearts

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

Last night, Fortune Family released their lead single off of their upcoming mixtape, accompanied by visuals directed by Ryan Do.

Sampling Rod Stewart’s classic “Young Turks,” Hop Hobson puts a mean little twist on this sample and turns it into a really bumping, electronic influenced hip-hop beat.

Fortune Family had a brief hiatus the first half of this year as one of their rappers, Reef, was studying overseas.

Recently, though, Fortune Family has been jumping back into things with a lot of new releases–in the past two weeks alone, they’ve released a video of a live set in Philly, produced two songs for Hoodie Allen’s latest mixtape, Leap Year, released a remix of one of their songs off of “Paradox EP,” and now they are here to bring you “Young Hearts,” their new video and single. Enjoy.

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