06 May 2013

[Video] Fortune Family – Gravity ft. JohnieB

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

There was a time when I thought we had seen the last of Fortune Family. Family’s fall apart sometimes, but sometimes they come back even stronger. Fortune Family fell apart for over a year, but then they did just that; the music they’ve been working on recently is better than anything they’ve released, and this is our first taste of that. Hop’s production has reached a new level, and his and Reef’s lyricism is deeper and realer than ever before. On this track, Hop and Reef discuss their journeys, both as single artists and as a whole, and deliver a glimpse into what happened to the Fam and how they ended up coming back together. I am so glad they did. Watch the video below, and expect to hear a lot from the Fam in the coming weeks and months.

Welcome back, Reef and Hop. You’ve been missed.


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