01 February 2012

Ugly, Ugly Words – Groundhog Day

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Ugly, Ugly Words

When I saw that a band who had sent me an email was writing a song about Groundhog Day, I had to open the email. Groundhog Day carries some weight in my family, as it was a joke my sisters and I used to pull on our Dad. Bittersweet – I still think it’s funny, but how I wish we could still be pulling those jokes.

Ugly, Ugly Words has a really interesting thing going on. Their song, Groundhog Day, is pop-infused and sweet. It sounds celebratory up until the point you hit the chorus and they put more oomph into their message, making it clear that whoever they’re singing this song to, they just cannot seem to understand. ‘Guide me through, I just don’t get you.’ Without much explanation, the song carries on into a singable refrain: ‘Voices screaming Hallelujah, voices screaming Hallelujah…‘ and I’m sure as hell singing along with them.

I’m not sure I’ll listen to this band for long, so perhaps it’s not sustainable, but today, I’m hooked.


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