28 July 2013

Top Acts to See At Lollapalooza 2013

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Summer is nearing its end, but summer music festivals still have some unfinished business. Lollapalooza in particular is coming up next weekend and what better to do than name all the great acts that are going to be there? The list is pretty freaking huge but I’m going to break down some of my top picks for each day. This will either help you out in forming your own schedule when you’re there or maybe I’m just putting salt in a wound since you can’t make it. Either way, hit the jump to check out the full list of top acts you need to see at Lollapalooza 2013.

Friday Picks:

San Cisco

These aussie indie rockers have been rising in popularity ever since they released their quirky tune “Awkward”.  San Cisco’s fun sound will get people bobbing their heads and singing along without a doubt. They’ll bring that light, carefree set everyone needs at a music festival.

Jessie Ware

Let me go ahead and just say it, you’re a fool if you don’t see Jessie Ware. No, I’m not trying to bully you, but come on now! This soulful darling continues to warm our hearts with her passion and talent. If you haven’t searched videos of her live, do it immediately and it’ll make you realize you need that amazing moment in your life.

Theophilus London

Theophilus London is one unique man with a mission to make a name for himself. He continues to bring his hip hop-pop-indie fusion to us and it’s impossible to not become completely addicted to it. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live before and let’s just say he knows how to bring the party. If you’re not getting your groove on at his set, you’re probably not even there.


What a shocker to have Disclosure on this list from the girl who’s favorite album of 2013 so far is Settle huh? Let me keep this one simple: if you want to dance some more after partying at Theophilus London, stick around for Disclosure. Not to mention, I have a slight feeling we will be seeing some appearances from Jessie Ware, maybe even Sam Smith if we’re lucky enough? One thing that won’t need to be speculated is that there will be some serious dance moves brought out (possibly by me).

Lana Del Rey

Love her or hate her, her set will be one to be seen on Friday night. After basically touring everywhere (or atleast it feels like everywhere!) BUT North America in the last year, Lana Del Rey will finally make her special appearance at Lollapalooza. It’ll be an interesting moment to see how North American fans treat seeing the rare pop princess but I’d bet it’ll be a crowd filled with passionate fans, singing every word to her beloved tracks.

Saturday Picks:


Oh, the lovely ladies of HAIM. They stole our hearts so easily in the last year, how could you not want to see them? Talented women with serious passion, rocking out? Sign me up. They’re only going to continue blowing up so why not catch them while they’re still fresh? I’m asking a lot of questions here but the answer is simple: see them! (Dammit)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra bring a serious rawness to the stage, which can be appreciated by just about anyone. All I can say is, after seeing them during Pitchfork last year, they’re one to see.

Ellie Goulding

I feel like Ellie Goulding is a total no-brainer but I might as well push you onto this one anyway! This English songstress is always filled with fire, not only in her recordings but also her live performances. If you’re into energetic sets, Ellie Goulding’s will have you feeling alive as ever.


With a front man like Yannis Philippakis, the crowd will be pure insanity. His vibe alone will have everyone losing their minds, in the best way possible. Foals are a band that continues to progress and will always give a show that’ll have people talking the next day. Can’t beat that, right?

Kendrick Lamar

Alright, sorry but we’ve got another no-brainer here. I know, I know…I shouldn’t even have to argue this one right? It’s KENDRICK LAMAR. His set is by far the most anticipated hip-hop act of the whole fest (although the hip-hop lineup is a bit scarce this year). Even with the lack of hip-hop this year, Kendrick Lamar will be sure to make up for it by having an explosive set, guarantee it.

Sunday Picks:

Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas is probably one of best female singer-songwriters to come out in the last couple of years. She knows how to bring soul into what she does and it’s definitely something to marvel at. If you want to just chill for a bit and embrace beautiful music, this will be the perfect set to go to.


After basically taking over the internet with their addictive tracks “Hurricane”  and “Dark Doo Wop”, MS MR’s fan base has only continued to grow. Their dark indie pop sound is easy to love and become attached to with first listen. Their set will be mesmerizing, to say the least.


Are you feeling like you need to crowd surf? Maybe mosh? People still do this? They do at Wavves shows apparently and it’s actually kind of awesome. Wavves is one show that will not allow you to just stand by, this is one that’ll have you jumping, screaming and acting like a damn fool/rebellious teen. Sound obnoxious? It’s actually entertaining and fun as hell, I promise.

Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run are something special. After hearing their debut album Dark Eyes earlier this year, I couldn’t help but fall in love with them on first listen. They’ll hook you in with their dark but catchy sound. They’ll be sure to put on a show that will reel you in and keep your eyes and ears locked.

Two Door Cinema Club

Wanna dance? Of course you do, it’s a festival! Two Door Cinema Club are indie dance kings, so if you want some fun this will be the set you’ll need to be at.  Really though, that’s all there is to it, just go, smile, and dance your bum off.

All in all, Lollapalooza 2013 is going to be another one for the books.  Have fun to all of you going and to those not going, go bribe someone to get a sold out ticket.


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