25 August 2011

Throwback Thursday – [Mixtape] Moods Included

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Ok, don’t panic.

Hey! Yeah you. Stop scrolling down. Anyways, in the spirit of spontaneous Sunset mixtapes this week, I just couldn’t help myself. So here it is, Sunset riders, a Not-So-Throwback Thursday mix for your weekend playlist. I started off trying to write a piece about mood music; picking moods and then finding great songs to match, but it ended up spinning the other way around (picking the songs first, moods second). The list kept growing and growing, and I totally lost focus. I feel kinda bad about that, but I hope you all like these songs. I sure do, I love them ALL. As you can see (yeah, I’m talking to you, you premature scrollers), I’ve kept the moods above the songs. I also tried to order the songs so they sound relatively pleasant next to each other, so feel safe listening to the whole thing through.

In other news, I had a music disaster yesterday #whitepeopleproblems

Long story short, I ended up breaking the very tip of my speaker audio jack inside my computer. Like, we’re talking only the last 4mm of the metal part. Two thoughts hit me one after the other: 1) FUCK, my speakers are broken and 2) Omg this shit is lodged in a tiny whole in my computer and I won’t be able to listen to anything. No more music, no more True Blood. After an hour of unsuccessful prodding and tweezing, I decided to MacGyver the situation; put a dab of crazy glue on the end of the broken speaker jack, and then I jammed the sucker inside my computer. Waited 20 minutes. Any bets on what happened?

Like a charm.











Anyways, here’s the mixtape, enjoy : )

DOWNLOAD – Throwback Thursday: Moods Included

1) Tip the hat, I’m feeling classy
MP3: “Juicy New York, New York” – The Notorious B.I.G & Frank Sinatra

2) It’s dark out, and I’m wearing all black. And damn I look good
MP3: “Everlasting Light” – The Black Keys

3) Feelin’ Wu, what more can I say?
MP3: “The Heart Gently Weeps” – Wu-Tang Clan [George Harrison’s son played the guitar on this!]

4) Dazed stumbling, but I’m loving it
MP3: “Playground Love” – Air

5)  Summer night in the city; Enjoying the seven stars of SF
MP3: “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) – Looking Glass [1972]

6) Just the right amount of wine
MP3: “After All” – Sondre Lerche

7) In the mood for a Wes Anderson movie
MP3: The Summer (Alternate Clip) – Coconut Records

8 ) It’s raining, and I’m on the pottery wheel. How magical when this song comes on
MP3: “Shelter From the Storm” – Bob Dylan

9) I bet no one knows about this secret Jack Johnson stash…
MP3: “Frankie and Albert” – Jack Johnson

10) Fiine, here’s another
MP3: “Moonshine” – Jack Johnson

11) Like, actually, it doesn’t get any more relaxed than this
MP3: “Three Little Birds” – CMH World’s Hawaiian tribute to Bob Marley

12) Out of the blue, I ain’t blue no more
MP3: “Furr” – Blitzen Trapper

13) Guilt. I think I listen to this more than the original.
MP3: “Us (Me and Mrs. Officer)” – My Sick Uncle, from (500) Days of Weezy.

14) Today’s going to be an Eminem day
MP3: “Lost Under a Bridge” – DJ Moondance (Eminem vs. The Red Hot Chili Peppers)

15) It’s 2pm and I just woke up? What a night
MP3: “Sunshine” – Atmosphere

16) What was that song with that baaad-fucking-ass verse by Black Thought from the Roots? Oh yeah!
MP3: “Slow Down” – Chiddy Bang

17) I wish I could make mashups
MP3: “Cash Run (feat. The White Stripes, Biggie, 2Pac)” – Adrian Champion

18) Are my eyes red?
MP3: “Ganja Babe” – Michael Franti

19) Can’t wait to spend this weekend in NoYork!
MP3: “First Things First (feat. Miguel Jontel)” – Blu // Oops, this didn’t make it on the full mixtape, but here it is

20) One of my favorite Sunset posts [link] ever by Lydia
MP3: “Bombay Bicycle Club” – Ivy & Gold

21) Is my play count really this high?
MP3: “The Most Beautiful Girl [In The Room]” – Flight of the Conchords

22) Feeling electriccc
MP3: “All Along the Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix

23) Man I love that Freddie Mercury Rage meme
MP3: “Somebody To Love” – Queen



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