02 June 2011

My Thoughts On The Latest Kid Cudi Song

posted by: Lydia News & Humor

Yesterday, Kid Cudi released a new song called “Perfect is the Word.” Being an obsessed fan, I thought I would let out my thoughts on the new sound. This post is inspired by a post that Cudi put up on his personal blog:

I love the mixed reviews on the new jam, when they aint talkin about you then its a problem ha Im pleased with this new project and no negative write up or comment will make me feel any different. Not everyone will like what you do, known fact. All that matters is I LIKE what I DO, i have fun doing it and I got enough riders and believers that love me and support my artistic vision and thats more than I couldve ever asked for. If you dont like the new direction, cool. It cost you nothing, pay me no mind! Ima proceed as scheduled, cause I can.

Personally, I didn’t like the song at all. I thought it was harsh on the ears, not fun to listen to, and not enjoyable at all. When Cudi said that he would be taking a turn toward rock rather than hip hop and working solely with producer Dot Da Genius, I expected to hear more music like his Bob Dylan remix, “Highs N Lows,” which is enjoyable, harmonic, and inspires me to sing along. This song is lacking any sort of harmony at all, which is a crucial part of rock music.

After reading Cudi’s quote, I’m lead to believe that this type of song is going to be central to Cudi’s new direction. I’m desperately hoping this isn’t the case, because if so, I may soon find myself no longer a fan of his music. The reason I love Cudi so much in the first place is not only because his music is honest and real, it’s also because it’s enjoyable, it’s harmonic, he is a good singer (personally I think he’s better at singing than he is at rapping), and he’s fun. His A Kid Named Cudi mixtape was his best release, in my opinion, because it had a lot of qualities that didn’t stick to hip hop. He sang a lot on that tape; when I heard that he would be going more toward singing and rock, I was hoping we’d see the return of the old Cudder. The Cudder we heard on A Kid Named Cudi. Unfortunately, it seems, based on “Perfect is the Word,” that I was wrong. I’m holding out hope one more time for a change of direction, but, sad as it is, it seems my hopes might be a bit too high.


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