30 July 2011

Live: The Rosebuds (100Bands #66)

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The Rosebuds

What’s Left: 37 Days. 34 Bands. (Yikes.)

Band #66: The Rosebuds

When/Where: July 29, Raleigh Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC

Expectations: The Rosebuds put out a killer album this year – and being that they’re a local band, their show should attract sufficient attention from the fans. Should be a good time.

Concert: As much as I dig The Rosebuds’ music, I came to see Bon Iver. This was just an added benefit as an opener. To be honest, though, when The Rosebuds started playing, I hadn’t really settled in to the environment yet. I was still focused on the blistering heat, the great company at my side, and the fact that Bon Iver was on his way to the stage before too long. That being said, they did put on an entertaining show, flooding the large stage with a sound true to their genre: reverb-filled at times, drowned out at others. They played a strong collection of songs, but their set felt rather short. Given that this show was held at Raleigh Amphitheater, who apparently has to be very timely due to city ordinances regarding sound levels, perhaps they weren’t given much time to perform.

I will say, the one thing that struck me as odd about The Rosebuds is the central focus on female member Kelly, who tends to be a backup vocalist and primarily a keys player. The main singer is Ivan, who was tucked away on the left side of the stage and taken out of the spotlight. It seemed bizarre to me, and maybe it’s because it struck me that they might be forcing the whole “female in a male band” image. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but something about it irked me.

What I did love is how genuine The Rosebuds seemed when they said they were so excited to be playing and particularly for their fans in their hometown of Raleigh. It’s always great to see a local band doing so well.

Concert Afterglow: Frankly, the afterglow was short, as I was anxious to see Bon Iver perform.

Recommendation: The Rosebuds deserve their own attention. It’s an honor but also a challenge to open for somebody as popular as Bon Iver, because you will always be in the shadows, but at the same time it’s certainly a way to gain fans. I suggest seeing The Rosebuds in a more intimate setting than I was granted, and that could truly be a special experience.

MP3: “Nice Fox” – The Rosebuds

PS: Sorry I wasn’t able to capture my own photography. I was seated in the lawn in the very back, which was actually quite a pleasant change of pace!



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