09 April 2013

The Hard Knocks – Pocket Full of Change

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New The Hard Knocks!

I get emails from people I don’t know. That’s just part of my life now. Depending on how intriguing the subject line is or even how much free time I have, I’ll open the mass email, and occasionally, I’ll like the song held within it. When I get an email that says, “For fans of The 1975, Pacific Air, [and] The Neighbourhood,” I have to stop and pay attention to it. This guy knows what he’s doing, and either he will be dead off in his comparison or he’s managing my new favorite band. Luckily in the case of The Hard Knocks, he’s managing my new favorite band. The SoCo-based four-piece is headed in the right direction, garnering comparisons to some of my favorite buzz bands of the past few years. It’s gonna be very interesting to see where this single takes them, and what’s next for this group.

We’ll keep you posted on The Hard Knock’s debutĀ ME EP, coming out May 7th.


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