03 June 2013

The Features: Disclosure – Settle

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New The Features!

Disclosure‘s debut album Settle will be in stores tomorrow. To celebrate their release we invited one of our Internet friends Alicia Ortiz to write a bit about the features on the album. Each guest appearance seems to have been chosen very particularly for their musical style and uniqueness, resulting in an album of very different sounding tracks. With this project the brothers also break some new artists, revealing them to the mainstream. These sort of reveals help us with the music discovery process, so we got Alicia to write about each artist and tell us her favorite solo song from the artist.

Hit the jump to learn more about the features from Disclosure’s debut LP…

Disclosure – Settle [out June 3rd via Island Records]

Written by Alicia Ortiz (@AliciaFranc)

1. Sam Smith

“Latch” is a track I heard months ago, but it still has a long lasting effect on me. The pure soul and power that Sam Smith brings to just about anything he sings on is undeniable. The intensity of a track like “Latch” is almost a bit insane because it’s just that perfect.

2. AlunaGeorge

Let’s just say hello to the catchiest track of 2013. AlunaGeorge are on the rise these days, and what they do pairs so well with what Disclosure does. As always Aluna lightens up this track with her sweet, sassy vocals, and the general outcome is a jam that’ll get you dancing from the build up in the beginning and beyond.

3. Ed Macfarlane

I admit I’ve had major Friendly Fires withdrawals these days, so I was amped to see an Ed Macfarlane feature. This is yet another great track that sounds like it could fit perfectly into the feature’s own album. “Defeated No More” is like a Friendly Fires track but with an edgier twist. Friendly Fires and Disclosure are a match made in dance heaven.

MP3: “Lovesick” – Friendly Fires

4. Sasha Keable

There’s clearly a pattern we see with Disclosure, and it’s that they love to pair their sound with vocals that make a track that much better and accessible. Sasha Keable is another one of those artists that has an R&B smoky vocal, and it merely goes together flawlessly with what Disclosure create. “Voices” is another one of those songs that is what every pop song should be.

5. Eliza Doolittle

After I’d heard this track, I knew this album was going to be filled with songs of fire. Eliza Doolittle takes over this track with her empowering vocals and collides with the addictive beat. This one starts smooth and just explodes by the end into a magnitizing dance track.

MP3: “Rollerblades” – Eliza Doolittle

6. Jamie Woon

Jamie Woon and Disclosure are probably the most obvious pairing that anyone would agree would need to happen. Luckily, our wishes have been granted and Woon has been able to assist in bringing his suave, emotional vocals to this track. “January” is upbeat, catchy, and honestly could be a hit!

7. Jessie Ware

“Confess to Me” is a track that features the soulful UK beauty Jessie Ware. It collides Ware’s smooth vocals with an upbeat background to create the perfect pair. In fact, it sounds a lot like something you may hear on Jessie Ware’s own album such as tracks like “Imagine it Was Us.”

8. London Grammar

London Grammar was probably the most surprising feature out of the bunch for me. They’ve been known to bring the deep, dark side of pop out but here their sound becomes even bigger. This track is Disclosure’s signature love ballad on the album, but it’s far from cheesy. This one intertwines the soul of London Grammar and the creativity of Disclosure.

MP3: “Hey Now” – London Grammar


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