02 June 2011

Tech N9ne – Am I A Psycho? (ft. B.o.B & Hopsin)

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

Here’s the thing. I know the rap game is all about being hard, killing people, curb stomps, and what not, but like…why do you have to put it in the music mannn? Tyler, the Creator, a sneaky little instigator, created some beef with B.o.B in Yonkers, so now it’s assumed that this is B.o.B’s best attempt at a comeback. Dude’s so soft. Hilarious. On the real though, I’m really digging this song. The flow these men pull is outrageous. Hopsin sounds a bit like like a hybrid of Em and Yelawolf, no?

MP3: “Am I A Psycho?” (ft. B.o.B & Hopsin) – Tech N9ne

B.o.B’s verse:

I stab you with the mic and rap this verse I’m rapping to you
Matter fact I’m rapping through you
Never say my mother fuckin name unless you absolutely have to
I am not no fuckin jacket with no matchin shoes and you are not no fashion guru
Can even see you niggas, yall wish I was rappin to you
Matter fact, act like I’m rappin to you
If that gives you passion to use as an excuse to jump out of conclusion
That I’m attackin you dudes is just like old fashion voodoo
Yall aint even the shit, no yall aint even the doodoo
I got more flavor on the tissue paper under my two boots
So I’m slappin you foolish with wooden paddles you stupid
Babysittin’ little bastards like little afternoon children
You can call em psychotic but it’s more like schizophrenic
And I can speak can anyone tell me just where my medicine is
Guess I gotta show these minors just what my avenue is
Man I swear I’m all about my brain like graduate students
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings
I see your tears, come here, give me your face, let me clear it
But I wonder how it would look if I could peel it back with a skillet
Then I’mma feel it crack when I hit it, then I’mma spill it back when you heal it
Damnit Bobby Boy, what in the hell, what in the Heaven, what in the Earth,
Where is your mom? Why do you curse? Where are you from?
Where was your birth? Where were you first? Why weren’t you in church? Why is there dirt, all on your shirt?
Man I think you’re going berserk


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