11 August 2011

Team Me – Team Me [EP Review]

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Team Me Front Cover

The Team Me’s debut EP contains an immaculate collection of five songs, compiled as a preview for the band’s upcoming full-length album. The EP fluidly shifts from jubilant indie-pop to brooding reminiscence in a short 22 minute run time. Its five tracks display the band’s versatility in song structure and instrumentation, while maintaining an unwavering consistency throughout.

Classic Norwegian move.

Listen: “Weathervanes and Chemicals” – Team Me

Download Team Me Weathervanes And Chemicals

The band fires things up with “Weathervanes and Chemicals,” a song that starts out quietly, only to burst into an erupting chorus that sounds like a combination of Reptar and Jonsi. Head over HERE to play the surprisingly addicting and hilarious game that goes along with the song.

The second track, “Coming Down”, is my least favorite of the EP, but it’s still really good. For clarity’s sake, we can call it the band’s Arcade Fire song, since it’s filled with the lush instrumentals and harmonies that have made Arcade Fire Hipster-America’s favorite band.

Listen: “Coming Down” – Team Me

Download Team Me Come Down

“Dear Sister” is the EP’s perfect, indie-pop gem that has already made waves in the blogosphere, but in case you missed it, here it is.

Listen: “Dear Sister” – Team Me

Download Team Me Dear Sister


Pause your life.

Remember who you are as a person right now, because once you hear the following song, your life will be changed forever. You’ll be a different person–a stranger in your own skin. Your best friend won’t even recognize you. You’ll have to rethink your entire life. You’ll lose your identity. Top-secret government agencies will be after you as well as countless movie villains. Not even real villains, movie villains! Which is much worse because as soon as you think they’re dead, they come back to life.

Sorry. None of that will happen. I just had to tell someone about my dream last night. Click play, and tell me you don’t melt when Marius Hagen croons, “Things are bad enough as they are..” followed by the wail to end all wails.

Listen: “Me and the Mountain” – Team Me

Download Team Me Me and the Mountain

The last song of the EP is nostalgic. As I listen to it right now, I can see the street I grew up on. I remember exploring the forest around our house: the streams, the leaves, the adventures. I remember playing football in Wesley’s front yard. Man, I miss Wesley. I don’t even know his last name. I’m not even sure his name was Wesley. Fuck. I remember my fish, Rocky Balboa. When he died, we got a turtle. I think we named him Rocky Balboa, too. Obviously the work of reincarnation. Don’t tell me otherwise. I remember moving–my last day of school. It was yearbook day. I think I left without saying goodbye.

Listen: “Kennedy Street” – Team Me

Download Team Me Kennedy Street

And that’s really how I feel about this EP. It builds all the way through the 5 songs, and then, leaves you there, wanting more. Even the end of “Kennedy Street” builds…and builds. The EP never really ends for me. It never says goodbye.

Oh, and the EP is definitely about trying to overcome drug addiction after it drives away true love.

Swag swag.

EP Rating: 9/10

Team Me Promo

What do you guys think? Am I crazy for liking this EP so much? Let me know what you think down below.


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