25 October 2011

Tape Tuesday: stay gold/cover girl

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New Tape Tuesday!

This mixtape has a reprise. So neat y’all.

Ugh, come on, Arjun! Cut the crap! Let’s not play games. Tell it to us straight.

FINE, loyal fans and Twitter followers and real life followers (crazy people), this is a really good mix. It’s short, but it does its job; it tells a story. It has some rock and some weird fusion R&B à la the ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ mix. It contains zero hip-hop. No rap. Sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Soon-ish.

The mix shows bits and pieces of me. “Cover Girl” is my favorite song right now. “It’s Going” is one of my favorite sad songs of all time. “Time” is my epic song of the moment, and arguably, one of the most epic songs ever created.  “Stay Gold” is simply my jam; same with its remix. “Breaking Down” is not my favorite song from Florence + the Machine’s Ceremonials, but it works here in all its Arcade Fire-esque glory. Finally, “Berlin” is just a bundle of fun (like Ferbie!). Look for more fun stuff on the next mix.

In the meantime, download ‘stay gold/cover girl’, and stay gold, cover girl.

DOWNLOAD ‘stay gold/cover girl’


  1. The Big Pink – Stay Gold
  2. Mr Hudson & The Library – Cover Girl
  3. Joker – On My Mind
  4. Monarchy – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Deep Space Acoustic Version)
  5. How to Dress Well – Suicide Dream 2 (Elite Gymnastics Baptism)
  6. John Gold – It’s Going
  7. Siobhan Wilson – Getting Me Down
  8. The Big Pink – Stay Gold (Reprise) (AraabMUSIK Remix)
  9. Mr Hudson – Time
  10. Florence + the Machine – Breaking Down
  11. Is Tropical – Berlin

DOWNLOAD ‘stay gold/cover girl’

You’ll never be a cover girl / Just facing facts / Your face isn’t right / But I’ll never want another girl / Now that I’ve seen you in this light.


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