16 November 2011

Tape Tuesday: Field Trip

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New Tape Tuesday!

I really like taking completely different songs and putting them together into one cohesive mix. I think I did that with this mix. It starts out with a cool electronic indie song followed immediately by an experimental rap song, but how different are they really? Both feature hollowed out production that sounds like they were recorded in either a shower or a cave. Next, you get a song from Summer Camp’s excellent debut Welcome to Condale. That’s followed by an instrumental from DJ Sabzi, the production half of Blue Scholars. Both songs share similar melodies (the whistle on “Last American Virgin” and the synth line on “Trailer Park Bazaar”). I think throughout the mix you’re given these interesting pairings that ultimately form a killer series of songs. That was the idea, anyway.

We used to hold hands like field trips. Preview the mix below.

DOWNLOAD ‘Field Trip’


  1. Dems – Down On You
  2. Cities Aviv – W E T D R E A M
  3. Summer Camp – Last American Virgin
  4. Sabzi – Trailer Park Bazaar
  5. Rizzle Kicks – Traveller’s Chant
  6. Kisses – Johnny and Mary (Robert Palmer Cover)
  7. Ghost Beach – Empty Streets
  8. Strange Talk – Sexual Lifestyle
  9. Coastal Cities – Think Tank
  10. Iggy Uriarte – So Hard
  11. Rihanna – You Da One
  12. ZAKEE – Dope Girl
  13. Louque – Art
  14. A Cool Stick – Water
  15. Alex Clare – Caroline
  16. Dems – House
  17. Florence + the Machine – Only if for a Night

DOWNLOAD ‘Field Trip’

New Tape Tuesday!

This is heaven.


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