03 December 2013

[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Fast Forward Culture

posted by: Arjun Daily Specials | Tape Tuesday
New Tape Tuesday!

Whenever I visit my grandma, she always complains that my generation is anti-social (and stuff), and that disconnect can be frustrating. I try to explain the fast forward culture we live in, but the more I explain it, the more it seems terrible. This is going to be the last Tape Tuesday for at least a month, and ironically, it’s partially because I don’t want to live in fast forward anymore. I want to slow things down, evaluate, enjoy, and understand. Last night on Twitter, people were already criticizing Childish Gambino‘s Because the Internet, which is an album that I’ll need at least a week of consistent listening to understand. And that’s the problem. I feel like people don’t want to understand anymore, and lately I have become obsessed with understanding. See, I sound like my grandmother now. I don’t know which way of thinking is right or wrong, but I’m starting to understand what my grandma’s talking about.

  1. Vök – Before
  2. Teen Suicide – Haunt Me (X 3)
  3. Slaughter Beach – Spinning Globe
  4. Saint Raymond – Fall at Your Feet
  5. Yasmin Green – Into the Night
  6. Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave.
  7. River Tiber – The City
  8. Avan Lava – So F*kt Up
  10. ceo – Whorehouse
  11. Default Genders – Stop Pretending
  12. Sportsman – Champagne
  13. Oliver Tank – Time Slows Down When You Walk Into The Room
  14. Alice Boman – Waiting
  15. Sway Clarke II – I Don’t Need Much
  16. Hayden Calnin – Coward
  17. The Holidays – All Time High
  18. Sleepy Dreamers – Bike Song
  19. Twin Forks – Cross My Mind
  20. Chance Waters – Bonnie (ft. The Griswolds)
  21. Francis and the Lights – Like A Dream
  22. D.A. – Farm

Something you tossed out is everything I want, something you’re dismissive of is the reason I wake up…




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