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Zola Blood – Meridian

Back in July, I posted Zola Blood’s first single, Grace. My description of it was pretty detailed and on point. A little more than a month later, we have a second single called “Meridian,” and again, it’s a winner. With silky smooth synths and vocals, Zola Blood drops off yet another chilled out tune for your listening pleasures. Similar to the first single Grace, Meridian paints a vivid picture of traveling along the river bed in a calm night…almost like the calm before the storm….

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Introducing Zola Blood With New Single Grace

Have you ever walked aimlessly throughout the night with no intention of going anywhere, just continuously walking, like your mind is running a million miles a minute, but yet your body is moving slow? No? I haven’t either, but I’d imagine this is what It would feel like. With haunting vocals and an ambient backdrop, Zola Blood releases his debut single to the world, Grace. The information we have on Zola Blood is limited. For example, he has 27 likes on his Facebook page, that he is signed to a label (Pond Life Songs), and details of his debut EP are on the way, but for now, this will do because this is good. Very good.

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