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The Best Five Dance Songs of the Week

Do the d-a-n-c-e. Stick to the b-e-a-t. Just easy as a-b-c. Do the dance, do the dance!

1. VOODOO FARM – I Don’t Know Why

2. Tinashe – Stargazing (Sammy Bananas Remix)

3. Flux Pavilion – OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)

4. Marina and the Diamonds – Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)

5. Juicy J – Bandz A Make Her Dance (B.Dolla Remix)

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

Step 1) Listen to songs below.
Step 2) Act like this:

Step 3) Rinse and repeat.

1. Carlos Serrano & TrapZillas – Ghetto Angels (2 Pac vs. The xx)

2. Kanye West, Jay-Z, & Big Sean – Clique (Enferno Remix)

3. The Hood Internet – Goooo In Paris (Jay-Z & Kanye West x TNGHT)

4. The Prodigy – Breathe (Zeds Dead Remix)

5. CAZZETTE vs Alex Clare – Too Close (CAZZETTE Remix)

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

Another week, another dollar. Another weekend, hollerrr. We’ve sifted through the clutter of EDM and found five of the very best dance songs for you guys. Now don’t say we never did anything for ya.

1. Rusko – Like This

2. A-Trak & Zinc – Like The Dancefloor (feat. Natalie Storm)

3. Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Gigamesh Remix)

4. Bon Iver – Woods (Zeds Dead Remix)

5. Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (Sleepy Tom Remix)

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[Mixtape] Zeds Dead & Omar LinX – Victor

Holy fucking shit. I tried hard not to like this. Generally, I’m not a fan of the brutal machine rape that is dubstep. Believe it or not, I don’t want to do “butt stuff” with a bro, while listening to the Skrillex (that’s a thing, right?). However, with this 7-song collaboration between electronic producer Zeds Dead and Toronto rapper Omar LinX, my tendencies may be shifting (not on the butt stuff though, what?). This mixtape is just really well-executed, balancing classic hip-hop sounds with modern electronic flare and tasteful samples. Victor will likely get a healthy amount of spins on my iTunes this April.

Shout out to Vacay Vitamins for the tip.


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Womp Womp Womp Wednesday Presented by Marvin Gaye

Even the soul master himself gets down and dirty with the womps.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Nit Grit Remix)

Download “What’s Going On”

What’s Going on is one of my favorite songs of all time, so Nit Grit remixing it was not something I felt OK with at first–I thought the classic would be disparaged by the womp. Not the case. Saw it live this Sunday in Lewiston, ME when Nit Grit opened up for Pretty Lights; filthy would be an understatement.

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Van O Remix)

Download “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

This one’s a little less wompy and a little more housey, but filthy none the less. Keep’s just enough of the original so you can still sense it’s presence, but definitely a take on this song I’ve never heard or imagined. Awesome.

Cheers to the late great Marvin, and of course Tammy Tarrell.

Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (Big Sean vs Zeds Dead) – The Jane Doze

Download “Bullshittin On My Coffee Break”

Also, as a toast to them, here’s a little Zed’s Dead/Big Sean mashup. UNGH.


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