Yuna – Crush (Feat. Usher)

It seems as though Yuna has been feeling like Santa Claus these days, gifting us with one beautiful song after another. A few days ago she gave us a taste of what’s to come from her new album with the catchy jam “Places To Go”. This time around, she’s taking it smooth and slow with a little help from the king of smoothness himself, Usher. Needless to say, this is an r&b combination that feels like it fell from heaven. The track is tender and gentle which seems to go perfectly with its lighthearted “Crush” theme. If you’re craving a music crush yourself, listen to the lovely collaboration below and prepare to be serenaded.

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Yuna – Places To Go (Prod. DJ Premier)

It’s been over 2 years since Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna released her last beautiful album, Nocturnal, and it seems she’s been cooking up some of her best work yet. “Places To Go” is the first single off her new album and it’s got a vibe that Yuna fans have never heard before, thanks to the sounds of DJ Premier, the song’s producer. It’s got that old-school hip-hop sound with a combination of honey, sweet vocals from Yuna, making it a flawless and unique combination. Although it’s easy to see the surface of Yuna’s addictive sound, as always she is putting her heart on the table with soul-barring lyrics, I just need a place to call home, because I can’t be here no more. Yuna’s latest album will be out this May, so be sure to look out for what’s bound to be some of her most exciting material yet. For now, listen to “Places To Go” below.


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[Download MP3] Yuna – Hotline Bling (Drake cover)

It’s safe to say we can’t go anywhere without hearing the hit that is “Hotline Bling”, but it’s always refreshing to come across a new version of the Drake jam. This time around, the peaceful songstress Yuna has taken her turn to change up the track that we all know and love. This rendition is soft, sweet, and everything that defines Yuna as an artist. It has that dash of soul that fans know her for and it’s simply worth a listen. If you feel like getting your hands on something a little different than the original, download and listen to the “Hotline Bling” cover below.

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[MP] Yuna – Rescue

Yuna has been making beautiful music for quite a few years and now she’s ready to release yet another album. “Rescue” is one of the lovely pop tunes off of it and it brings that usual light on Yuna’s soulful style.  We can expect another positively quirky album from Yuna at this rate and it’s definitely something to marvel at. Nocturnal  is out on Verve Records on October 29.

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The Best and Worst Frank Ocean Covers

I can say with confidence that Frank Ocean has one of my favorite voices that I’ve ever heard. In full transparency, though, I wasn’t quick to hop on the train. It took me a bit of time to fall in love with the crooner. I find that your typical R&B music doesn’t always draw me in right away. I’m one of the few bloggers out there who never went crazy over The Weeknd. When Frank Ocean first crossed my radar, it didn’t really stick with me. It really took Channel Orange to convert me to a forever-fan.

Since then, I’ve heard cover after cover of people trying to recreate his songs and just not doing them the right amount of justice. The notes in “Thinkin Bout You” are hard to hit; it’s easy to hear that in the covers. That song is Frank’s creation and it’s something it seems only can perform flawlessly. That said, I do enjoy listening to the covers to see how people recreate Frank’s masterpieces. Here is a list of the fourteen best and worst Frank Ocean covers. Let me just warn you, there was a lot of face palming and painful listening to get to this. Beware, you’ll likely feel just as uncomfortable as I did while I was sifting through countless covers to get to this final list. (Hit the jump to start listening.)

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Sunset in the Rearview Presents: Best of 2013 So Far

We’re about half way through July, and almost 7 months into 2013. We’ve had a lot good moments, and I’m sure there’s more to come, but it’s time to do one of these lists! Ya know, cause Sunset writers are your favorite writers out there and you treasure our opinions the most. Other music sites are rolling out their “Best of 2013 So Far,” so we decided to hop in on the action and have all of our writers give you their favorite album, EP, mixtape, and song thus far! Please do remember, these are subject to change come the end of 2013. I hope it does change by the end because what’s listed below is some really, really, really, ridiculously good music.

Also, shout out to our guy, Eric, for the sick artwork.




  • Lydia: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap
  • Arjun: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap
  • Jordan: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap
  • Andy: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap
  • Dusty: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap
  • Eric: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap
  • Alicia: Kilo Kish – K+
  • DPrep: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap


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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

New Friday at Five!

This is an exciting time for Sunset, myself and of course you, the beloved reader. Just to give you guys a heads up, I’ll be on hiatus next week as I will be traveling to Manchester, Tennessee to cover Bonnaroo for ya’ll. I won’t have access to the Internets out in the country, but I’ll have a nice write up and presents for everybody when I return from the depths of my musical journey.

With that in mind, I’m giving you a whole extra song for your FAF playlist this weekend. I know, ya boy’s nice.

Enjoy the weekend, or else.

1. Yuna – Live Your Life (Dj Carnage & Jakob Lido Remix)

2. Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

3. The Hood Internet – Fuck With Mo’ Money (Ma$e x Diddy x Biggie x Penguin Prison)

4. Adventure Club Dubstep – Rise & Fall (ft. Krewella)

5. AVICII – Two Million (Original Mix)

6. Princeton – Grand Rapids (RAC Mix)

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