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[Download EP] Young Karin – PYK

New Young Karin!

Young Karin is a pop duo from Iceland, consisting of vocalist Karin Sveinsdóttir and producer-songwriter Logi Pedro Stefánsson. They are formerly known as Highlands, and their n°1 EP was one of the best of 2014. Looking to build upon their debut, the group has released the PYK EP, a collaboration with director K_tanman and clothing brand 66°NORTH.

The chemistry of the duo is electric. Karin’s yearning vocals and Logi’s rap-inspired music and lyrics (e.g. the beginning of “U”) fit together like puzzle pieces. Neither works without the other, and it makes for one of my favorite releases of the summer. Also, I am deeply in love with Karin, but that would be unprofessional and weird to mention in the writeup.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Waves

New Tape Tuesday!

The name “Waves” came way before I found the song “Waves” by the incredible Aussie artist Japanese Wallpaper. I was reading about Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden’s philosophy (introduced to me by Deru) about these Nine Pure Tones, or waves, that serve as the basis of all life and existence. It was a riveting read that has since been taken down from the Internet, and it was just crazy enough to sort of blow my mind and maybe influence my entire life.

You hear about how we’re the most informed generation, but how much of that information are we actually implementing in our behavior? Are we constantly having our behaviors and ideas reaffirmed by seeking comfort in niche sections of the Internet, which monitor our searches to customize the ads we see–only further reaffirming our behaviors? Or are we seeking and interpreting new ideas and incorporating them into our ever-changing social dynamics?

So these have been my thoughts and questions the past two months. You can see how “waves” could work as a metaphor for the ebb and flow of life. And the philosophy takes it like a zillion steps further by defining all science and behaviors in nine different waves. So yeah, um, that was the idea for the mixtape. Also, I just wanted to make your soundtrack for the beginning of summer.

She wears my favorite color, everyday in her eyes…

*Not including track 16 (“Berlin” by Highlands) and track 20 (“Mad at Me” by Sage The Gemini).


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[Download EP] Highlands – n°1

New Highlands!

I gotta be honest: female vocalists are killing it in 2014. I mean, like most things (including human life probably), it all started with Beyoncé. And then Yumi Zouma dropped a couple of gems, and Shura blessed us with the ultra sensual hit “Touch.” And now Highlands with lead vocalist Karin Sveinsdóttir has released one of the year’s best EPs. But the best part of this Icelandic duo is how both members compliment each other so well. The five track EP showcases both producer Logi Pedro Stefánsson’s bass and melody heavy production and Karin’s wickedly smooth voice.

And if that is not convincing enough for you to download the set, just know that EP highlight “Rolling Stones” samples the “Worst!” part of Drake‘s “Worst Behavior,” and that I am completely infatuated with the EP opener “Berlin.”

I still think of this summer when the sun shined bright and we fell in love / Now it’s cold outside, Berlin in wintertime


[via Hilly Dilly]

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