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Listen While You Work: 3.0

It’s Monday, and it’s a Monday where I’m still feeling like I’m recovering from the weekend. Considering yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, I have a feeling many of you are feeling the same way. I didn’t even make it out yesterday, because my ass was too hungover to get off the couch. But I feel for those of you who did, because trust me, I felt close to death yesterday. So if that’s you today, or hell, even if you’re a good kid just trying to get some work done, I’ve got your soundtrack. Here is the latest Listen While You Work, episode three.

This version features music from the following artists:


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Young Galaxy – Pretty Boy

Young Galaxy has been on my “this band is hot” radar for a little bit now, and with each song they put out, they get hotter and hotter. The 5-piece band out of Canada is on a roll right now within the electropop music scene. They officially release Ultramarine tomorrow. It will be  their fourth LP as a group, but the first album that they’ve created outside of Montreal. If you were to make an educated guess as to where it was created, you’d likely be correct. [Make your guess now.] The answer is Sweden. God damnit, I’m proud to be part-Swedish. Everything beautiful these days comes from Sweden.

The LP has ten songs, and Pretty Boy is just one of the gems in the entire collection. The whole album is a beautiful work of art. The album, like their 2011 album, was produced by Dan Lissvik. The band’s website says this of the process of creating this album: ‘Sharing a single small apartment, Young Galaxy played and played, building a new mission statement. McCandless spent an entire week recording vocals. “I can’t act. I can’t fake it,” she says. And although Ultramarine is more direct than previous records have been, with songs of azure longing, Young Galaxy haven’t lost their other aspect: a willfulness, a purposeful independence, and a sense of darkness, unilluminated. “If a song is too sweet, it’s not right.” As lighthearted as Ultramarine can be – as much as you can dance to it – there is also something elemental, something underneath. As McCandless puts it: “Music is a doorway into an engine room.”

I’m not sure I can write a better description of the music than that, so I’ll just let you enjoy that as you listen to some of the most beautiful electropop of today.

When we were lost
We found each other
And headed sightless for the sea

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Young Galaxy – Shoreless Kid

Young Galaxy

In an act of blog trolling, I found this gem by Young Galaxy over on Listen Before You Buy. Immediately, I was taken aback by the harmonization, the drums, the fuzzed out effects, and allure of Stephen Ramsay’s and Catherine McCandless’s voices. This is my jam right now. Listening on repeat. And every time, I find myself saying, “ugh, those drums are to die for.”

Nothing’s as simple as knowing you’re safe in your home at the end of the night…

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