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Dave B

Seattle MC Dave B is a pretty gifted rapper with a tremendous ear for beats. His tracks are routinely elevated by his ability to smoothly ride moody, incandescent instrumentals like the vibraphone-powered, enigmatic “Rain” or the musty basement bounce of “Cheap Sofa.”

His latest track, the brisk, spacey “Yes,” highlights B’s charisma on the mic over a crisp beat that pairs warm percussion with synths that sound like they’re running in reverse from the first bar.

B isn’t reinventing the wheel in terms of subject matter, but he’s a confident lyricist with a winning personality and a pleasing, diverse flow. Like many Seattle MCs he’s clearly a skilled, knowledgable rapper, though fortunately he doesn’t traffic in the overly earnest style that makes some Washington hip-hop a bit tough to sit through.

He’s reminiscent of Sunset favorite Skizzy Mars, except not as focused on the meticulous lifestyle that dominates Skizz’s bars. Another fitting comparison might be Pell, another new name on the scene who’s unafraid to switch up his delivery and experiment with a wealth of soundscapes.

B’s record Punch Drunk was an impressive, compelling debut, and if “Yes” is any indication he’s clearly picking up momentum as he goes.

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