[Album Review] WZRD

My goal for this is to give an honest opinion, without being biased. I was born and raised in the 216 so it’s hard to look at this album from a perspective of just any, old, CuDi fan. This guy is my favorite rapper/lyricists/artist/guitarist (I’m joking) of all time. Saying I’m just a fan is an understatement. I’m not a groupie by any means, but his music has always touched me in ways other artists have not (pause). What I’m trying to say is that I will speak highly of WZRD in this review, and this isn’t just me supporting my hometown hero. This is me telling you that WZRD is legit. It’s the real deal. It’s that transition from hip-hop to alternative rock that numerous artists have tried. When people ask me what genre I consider him, I don’t say hip-hop and I won’t say alternative rock either. I’ll say Cudder because he creates his own genre. This is KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius crafting the most unique album I’ve ever heard.

The Arrival: 4/5

We are finally here. After what seems like forever, WZRD has arrived. The Arrival showcases CuDi’s recently acquired talent for the guitar as it prepares us for what is one hell of a journey to another side of Scott Mescudi. With “The Arrival” in the background, I envision CuDi with his hood up, guitar on his back, walking bristly through a dark and gloomy alley with rain pouring on him, as tension is slowly building up until the end, when CuDi removes his hood, and walks in the opposite direction. Let us begin.

High Off Life: 4/5

Immediately after “The Arrival” we are introduced to the first actual taste of what I think is rock music from KiD CuDi (I don’t count Teleport 2 Me or Brake). Honestly, I hated this song at first. Then again, I also hated A$$ by Big Sean, but that turned out to be the only song stuck in my head for a good four months. This has the same effect. First few plays, I bet you won’t like this song. I’m at 29 in my play count, and I can’t get this out of my head. I can’t help but sing a long. This is CuDi’s “happy song.” Clearly, this guy has never been happier as he sings it out loud. He’s OD’ing of life.

“New York loft to the condo in Chicago/Out in LA I got the house in the hills.”

 Times have truly changed for him since he’s gone sober. He’s got his act together.

“I never ever thought it could be/Never thought the day would come for me.”

The Dream Time Machine: 5/5

I strongly feel that this resembles his MOTM2 material and I definitely believe it’s one of the standout tracks on WZRD. The transition from MOTM to MOTM2 was evident as he was taking a more singing/rock type music approach. “The Dream Time Machine” gives us that typical CuDi sound we are used too from MOTM2, but it still has enough edginess to be on WZRD. Like previously stated, this is one of the standout tracks on WZRD.

“Times have changed now. I’m strong, a good difference.”

 Love Hard: 5/5

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! I love it. This is the love song right here. It seems now a days everybody has #WhiteGirlProblems. This song speaks the truth though: how many times have people “loved soft” because they have a guard?

“Let down your guard and follow your heart.”

When he goes “do you love me?” I can’t help, but think of KISS. I can’t tell if that’s a diss to KISS or a compliment to CuDi, but Love Hard is one of my favorite tracks because he took a love type song and made it fun to jam to. Generally speaking, this has the hip-hop production of Dot Da Genius on it near the end. If there’s one thing we can take from this, it’s to love hard! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Live & Learn: 4/5

This is his rock anthem. He is living life to the fullest, learning as he goes, and not giving a fuck what people think. He is…The Man on The Moon.

“My mama told me live my life and learn from lessons.”

“I like whiskey, black leather, and diamonds/Sue me! I like bein’ fresh.

“Hey gotta take that ride baby. Woohoohoo!/No regrets ain’t got no time baby.”

Did I just catch you screaming “woohoohoo” at the top of your lungs as you listen to “Live & Learn?” I hope so.

Brake: 5/5

The first taste we got from WZRD and critics were skeptical at first. I, on the other hand, was excited to hear what was next; because I think Brake is genius. Literally, it’s like 25 or something words.

“No light to guide my way/I’m going blind down the hill/Nothing that no one can say/I’m gonna find my will to live.”

To me, this is the groundbreaking song for him transitioning into a different genre (not necessarily rock). Nobody is guiding him and even if they were, he’s not going to listen. That’s the Cudder way. Brake served as the first taste of WZRD. I personally think that having this be the opening track would be perfect for WZRD, but what do I know? I’m just a blogger.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night: 5/5

It took me a bit to figure out that this was a folk song from the 1940’s considering I’m 19 and didn’t grow up listening to that type of music. Nirvana did do a cover of this though, which is the version that CuDi covered. Regardless, this is where CuDi’s voice stands out. Taking an old track, adding a fresh sound to it, and adding his perfect “rock” vocals. This sort of gets repetitive, but this is another standout track on WZRD.

Efflictim: 4/5

This is the mellowest song on WZRD. Also, it’s a bit depressing listening to the lyrics. CuDi’s voice greatly carries this song. There seems to be a reoccurring pattern with him and that most of these songs just showcase his voice. It’s not like he’s an amazing singer. He just has one of those voices that goes through one ear, and won’t go out the other. Instead, it plants itself into your brain. His voice is a parasite, which is a compliment in the nicest way possible.

Dr. Pill: 5/5

This is arguably the most-catchy song on here. On the original track list, this wasn’t supposed to be on WZRD, but I’m glad Cudder and Dot Da Genius decided to add it. It’s edgy. It’s catchy. It’s filled with prescriptions. This clearly reflects his past. Ya know, his drugged past? Anyways, we’ve moved past that. I can’t stop tapping my foot and going “oh feeling strange, feeling strange, werewererwerwerwer”(spelling?).

Upper Room: 5/5

“Some people are pussies.”

Favorite line in the whole song because he did say WZRD wasn’t going to have any swearing on it, and technically, pussy isn’t swearing! Now, CuDi is no Tim Tebow, but he does believe in fate and destiny. Was WZRD his destiny? Yes, and I’m glad it was.

Teleport 2 Me, Jamie: 5/5

This really shook up the public in terms of what to expect on WZRD. When “Brake” leaked, some people were like ehhhh. When this dropped, more people were like okay, there’s still some hope. “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” is my favorite and will most likely be everyone’s favorite. There’s not much to say here, as this has already cracked the #2 spot on my “top 25 most played” on iTunes.

WZRD: 9.2/10

Hopefully this has been instilled into your brain by now, but this is just my opinion. You could think my opinion is worthless, and I’m okay with that. 9.2 is an extremely high rating, but please, take it with a grain of salt. You have to realize that CuDi is my favorite and that anything he does, I will love. I will force myself to love something of his if I have too. I haven’t stopped playing WZRD either, so it’s replay ability is top notch. Keep in mind, I’ve done my research and from what I’ve read so far, the media is 50/50 on WZRD, and only some of his fans that are stuck in 2008 “A Kid Named CuDi” days, despise it, but hey, we’re all entitled to our opinions. If anyone says that WZRD sounds like it’s been made by fifteen year olds, or “it fucking sucks,” I will disagree with you whole heartedly.

This is an album that needs to be played more than once. It needs a few listens before you can truly appreciate the creativeness. It is the most unique album I’ve ever heard as CuDi & Dot Da Genius are a force to be reckon with not just with hip hop, but in alternative rock too. In terms of all his albums, this trails both MOTM’s, but isn’t too far behind MOTM2. I mean, what’s not to like? He’s got the voice, the swagger, the inspiration, hell, he even learned how to play guitar for this. I think the question we need to ask ourselves, is there anything he can’t do? Now, don’t say you want “the old CuDi” back, because what he’s doing now is out of this world. Dude is stepping WAY out of his comfort zone. “I want MOTM music!” Yeah, well I want an artist that stays true to himself. He’s doing something other artists can’t even dream of doing (ahem, Lil Wayne). He made this music for himself, and not for the fans. If it he made it for us, it wouldn’t be his music. Props Mr. Cudder. You’ve defied all logic as an artist.

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WZRD – Album Snippets and Preview

WZRD Album

I woke up this morning to a message from Arjun saying that WZRD decided to release snippets of their album for the world to preview. I jumped out of bed almost immediately and clicked play. I listened a few times through, and then a few more times. I’ve come to the unfulfilling conclusion that I can’t pre-judge the album before I hear the whole thing, but I can guess what my overall rating out of 10 will be. To do this, I gave each song a (prejudiced) 5-star rating, and then calculated what that would come out to out of a full 10 stars. I end up with a pre-rating of 8.1. To be honest, I think I’m giving this album extra padding in this pre-rating. I don’t think it’s going to live up to an 8.1 just after hearing the snippets. I’m going to hope that it can, but for now it’s sounding a little too out there, and too far from Kid Cudi’s original style, for me to really fall for it. What do you guys think?

Hear two full songs (Brake and Teleport 2 Me) and see the full tracklisting here.


[via HHNM]

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WZRD – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (Full Version) and Brake (Single Version)

WZRD Album

Kid Cudi’s newest project, WZRD, has just released the full version of “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie,” off of their upcoming album. Cudi and Dot Da Genius (who make up WZRD) had previously released a snippet of this song and I immediately fell in love. Of course my main criticism of the song is that it isn’t called “Teleport 2 Me, Lydia,” but I’ll let that one slide. He didn’t want to be too obvious, right?

I watched The Bachelor tonight and as much as I love sweet Ben F., I really do love Cudder with so much of my heart. Someday he’ll find out and come running to me. I’ll be here, Scotty. I’ll even Teleport 2 U. Ugh, I’m so pathetically in love.

I can’t stand the times when I’m alone at night and I feel your side of the bed and it’s cold, hey, mm/ I’m wide awake I don’t know the time cuz I’m too busy texting you on my phone, saying/ I want you girl/ and I need your body/ Right here/ Wont you teleport to me?”

As a bonus, they also released the single version of their controversial song, “Brake.” I’m still not loving this song. I don’t hate it! But “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” is far better, and gives me hope that the album will win my heart.

The album will be released February 28th and the full tracklist is as follows:
1. The Arrival
2. High Off Life
3. The Dream Time Machine
4. Love Hard
5. Live & Learn
6. Brake
7. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (Feat. Desire)
8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
9. Efflictim
10. Dr. Pill
11. The Upper Room

[Dat New Cudi]

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WZRD – Teleport 2 Me (Snippet)

New Kid Cudi!

Kid Cudi took to Twitter last night to drop this two-minute sample of the first single from his highly-anticipated “punk rock” collaboration with his long-time producer Dot Da Genius. The song is definitely more polished and catchy than his other recent release “Brake,” which I was disappointed with. I’m really not sure how “Teleport 2 Me” is “punk rock” though. It sounds similar to a lot of Cudi’s other material, which is, for the most part, genre-less. Why Scott Mescudi has the urge to define his music beats me. You would think he’d pride himself in creating an entirely unique sound. Anyhow, I enjoyed this snippet–a return of the Cudder we know and love–and hopefully, this will appease some of the skeptics until January 30th, the still-unnamed album’s current release date.

MP3: “Teleport 2 Me” – WZRD

Shout out to Kanye To The forum member Ty Gonzalez for the fan art.

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[Mixtape] Best Songs of November 2011

Dear Sunset Viewers,

Whether you are new to the site, or frequent fliers, you’re the best. Pay it forward, and share the awesomeness we offer on this site. Download link, and my top 5 below.



P.S. – I jacked Lupe Fiasco’s mixtape cover.

Download Best of November 2011 (32 songs)

Jordan’s Top 5:

Hulkshare: One Room – I Want You/Wait

Who the fuck is One Room? It’s a mystery.

Hulkshare: Skizzy Mars – Another World

Kid just continues to keep on impressing everyone. He may be young, but god damn, he gets better with each song.

“I get love, don’t give it back. That’s the way they do it on Cinemax.”

Hulkshare: WZRD – Brake

People will have their opinions. People will say wah wah blah blah, where’s the rap! Ask me if I give a fuuuuuck, cause I don’t. I will ride with CuDi and die with CuDi. Dramatic? Eh, a lil bit. As Lydia said “I still wish it had the beat of a hip hop song that I know Dot Da Genius can bring to the table, but I always thought that Cudder was a better singer than rapper. Hearing him lay a melody on a track is something I always wished for more of, so it seems we might be on the right path.”

Hulkshare: 2AM Club – Reach Down Deep

Love, love, love this song. Always puts me in a good mood. Catchy, relaxing, and a melody that sounds like a combination of Fergie & Jesus.

Hulkshare: AudioDax – Smile

With their top 5 debut, and I believe Sunset debut as well, I got here a nice little tune that reminds me of some Shwayze type ish. I’ve had AudioDax on my radar for a little over a year now, and I’m hoping this track will get you Sunset viewers hooked.

Hit the jump for the tracklist! Continue reading “[Mixtape] Best Songs of November 2011” »

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WZRD – Brake

I’m aiming for the world record in posting after KiD CuDi let this joint out via his twitter. How did I go about doing this? I’ve had this post ready since 12:50 so I could just insert the song and hit publish.

A new chapter in Scott’s music career. The next step. And after hearing “Rap Hard,” you gotta give this man props as he’s evolved into a tremendous artist. Critics tend to have a negative opinion on rappers turning into rockers, so we shall see how the public reacts to this one.

The first single from WZRD, composed of the duo of KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius.



MP3: Brake – WZRD


Lydia edit: You know, I was waiting for this day to come and had a feeling that I would either love it or hate it. Frankly, I’m definitely leaning toward loving it. I still wish it had the beat of a hip hop song that I know Dot Da Genius can bring to the table, but I always thought that Cudder was a better singer than rapper. Hearing him lay a melody on a track is something I always wished for more of, so it seems we might be on the right path. Still love you, Cudder.

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