Wrath of Caine

[Mixtape] Pusha T – Wrath of Caine

This that shit that y’all wanted  //   This shit cook up hard, don’t it?
Y’all gotta beg my pardon on it  // But this shit sound like God don’t it?

So I’ve posted a ton of Pusha T recently, he’s been everywhere leading up to this release. Finally, we have the much anticipated Wrath of Caine. My fandom of Pusha obviously revolves around his adlib “yuuuchk,” but I also love how ferocious he sounds when he spits. An angry individual.

The intro is prime. I wish I could speak with a badass Jamaican accent, don’t we all? There’s a lot of big features on here, including Rick Ross the Big Boss who, just this morning, crashed his Rolls Royce into a building while being shot at. Happy birthday, Richard!

Millions is definitely a standout track on the tape, and both he and Ross go in on it.

Blocka is another standout to me, produced by Chicago’s Young Chop, best known for his work with Chief Keef.

Pusha really put a lot of great elements together on this effort, and a lot of the producers and features on the mixtape are awesome–the only significant exception to that would French Montana who I think is pretty damn abysmal. I also loved seeing Harry Fraud production on here–he just released a really, really dope LP with Curren$y that ought to be played on the regular. Neptunes is also a huge plus, as always.

Overall, Wrath of Caine is a huge success in my book. As Pusha points out, he’ll never sell as many records as some other popular artists, but I truly think he’s one of the best in the game right now. He’s also one of the few rappers out there who really, really impress me every time I see footage of him live. He just wants it more.

“All Praise to the Most High,” King Push.


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[Trailer] Pusha T – Wrath of Caine

I for one am a huge Pusha T fan. He kind of seems like the legitimate Rick Ross, as if he actually comes from this storied cocaine underworld that Rozay wishes so badly he was accustomed to. His trademark noise is almost as raw as Rozay’s, too. I don’t even know how to describe it so I’ll try to type it: “yuuukcchhh.” Like a disgusted, pissed off, Yiddish grandmother. I digress.

Anyways, Mr. T dropped the trailer to his upcoming mixtape, titled “Wrath of Caine.” The follow up to “Fear of God,” which was incredible, has high expectations. No due date yet, but you can definitely expect some new Pusha to drop in the near future.

Shouts out to Ron Reagan. GOP baby.


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