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Tyler, The Creator – IFHY [Music Video]

Tyler, The Creator is talented. He writes, directs, and produces almost all of his material and seems to be constantly improving and growing as an artist. He also designs all of the Odd Future apparel, which is impressive in its own right (I think he brags about selling socks on the album, rightfully so, but still a rap first)*. His newest album Wolf, which will be out this Tuesday, leaked about a week early, and after a couple of spins, I have to say it’s not great, but maybe that’s because Tyler’s matured as a writer–depending less on shock lyrics and more on storytelling and introspection–and as a producer–embodying the likes of his heroes, The Neptunes and even Toro y Moi. It’s an experiment of growth that might not see its potential until the next album. Still, it’s a necessary next step for an artist at the beginning of his career. “IFHY” is a highlight of the album and even features Pharrell (of The Neptunes). The video treatment is vintage Tyler (under the moniker Wolf Haley) in that it’s an endlessly creative mindfuck.

*He also designs his own album covers and has a TV show, but I got tired of listing stuff.

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Earl Sweatshirt – WHOA

Earl Sweatshirt is back at it with a video directed by Wolf Haley, Tyler, the Creator’s alter ego. The song starts hilariously with Tyler saying that people think the Earl wouldn’t go back to his “vintage” sound now that he released Chum and got “all personal.”  The thing that amazes me about Earl’s lyricism on tracks like this is how seemingly random the words maybe be, yet how deeply metaphorical they can be at the same time.

This video has all the makings of the Odd Future of old–ridiculous, unexplainable things (why is that old women in a tutu), disgusting, sickening actions, and an overall “I’m confused but that was dope” vibe. That, combined with Earl spitting the way he was after he released EARL back in the day, should please both new OF fans and those who have been there for years. I’m looking at you, Jamarcus.

The Misadventures of a Shit-Talker


Dream Big

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[Video] Hodgy, Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator- Rella

So it’s safe to say Tyler and the guys from Odd Future are pretty damn stoked about this video–Tyler’s been mentioning for days that it’s amazing, and leading into it today he said that it’s the best work he’s ever done. So, when Kanye West tweets your “Yonkers” video saying it’s the best video of 2011 and you go and say “Fuck that video, this is the best shit I’ve ever done” ya know, sets some pretty damn high expectations.

So yeah, big expectations. And then to say that your video ought to get you to the level of Spike Jonze? Hmm. This must be good right? (PS, too many tweet screenshots…doing it anyway. Fuck it.)

So this one’s going to be big. Still haven’t actually watched it yet…we’ll get to that later in the post. But anyways, to preface the video for those of you unaware, this is the first music we will hear from Odd Future’s upcoming OF Tape Vol. 2, a collaborative effort from the rap collective. We’ve seen pictures of Tyler with Pharrell, Kanye, etc. so it should be pretty crazy to see what they release as the first single. Also, the possibility of hearing new, polished music from Earl Sweatshirt (not that shitty “Home” he released the other day…sorry Thebe, that just doesn’t cut it for me) is really exciting to me. Oooohhhh the possiblities.

I’m going to watch the video now! Yippee.

Oh, wow. This is absurd and extraordinary, in a way only Odd Future can ever be. Absurd as in Tyler is a centaur and extraordinary as in “goddamn that production is unbelievable and Hodgy, Domo and Tyler, the Centaur just killed that.”

In terms of this being the first single, I couldn’t be more excited to hear what I’m hearing and see what I’m seeing. Odd Future has progressed, certainly, but they have not changed what makes them them.  They are still Odd, and their music is still the future of hip hop.

Ludicrous video–shouts to Luis Perez on the camera and Tara Razavi with the production, and of course the glorious Wolf Haley with the direction.

Question–how do they cast people for roles like this? Like “your daughters got the role! They’re going to play Hanky Panky and then Hodgy is going to ejaculate a lazer on her and turn her into a cat! It will be great and really advance their careers, I promise!”

I’m not sure this touches Yonkers, but I love this. Can’t wait for the album to drop.

Money in my pockets like I’m 45, Hodgy Beats recording live

March 20!


Dream Big

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