Pitchfork Music Festival drops their 2015 Lineup featuring Wilco, Chance The Rapper, and Sleater-Kinney

Pitchfork Music Festival is the latest to drop their 2015 lineup. The Chicago-based concert, which takes place in Union Park from July 17-19, will include top bills of Wilco, Chance The Rapper, and Sleater-Kinney. Other notable acts include Future Islands, CHVRCHES, Run The Jewels, The New Pornographers, Caribou, and Mac DeMarco, among others.

Single day tickets as well as three-day passes are now available over on the festival’s official website.

If you’re heading to P4k, who are you most excited to check out?


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Fort Frances – Falling Down

Hearing that an album was recorded in a farmhouse in the foothills of the White Mountains in Maine immediately gives it a good score in my book. You know, it’s funny – I try my best every day to keep an open mind about my surroundings, particularly the company around me. I think I do a pretty good job of it. But when it comes to music, right off the bat I’m a pretty harsh critic. I consider it part of my job as a music blogger – otherwise what credibility would I have when I share music with all of you?

Anyway, today I came across music by a band out of Chicago called Fort Frances. Like I said, they recorded this album in Maine, where I’ve spent about 50% of my life. The best of the 50 states, if I may say so myself. Their music matches the sheer beauty of Maine. It sounds natural, soft, smooth, and it’s something you’ll want to return to after one visit. They say they’re inspired by fellow Chicagoans, Wilco, which doesn’t surprise me one bit. This is an album I’m going to keep on rotation a lot this month, I can tell you that right from the get-go.

MP3: “Falling Down” – Fort Frances

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