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Alohaha – Welcome to Your New Life

Alohaha is billed as “the breakup album and collaboration of L.A. based producer Jake Sinclair and poet Lyndsay Thornton.” But while there’s definitely melancholy below the surface, the  single brims with woozy, slow-churning beauty.

Punctuated by steel guitars and meandering, his-and-hers vocals, “Welcome to Your New Life” is as gorgeous a track as you’ll find about relationship dysfunction. The song’s sunny sound is reminiscent of Peace or Real Estate.

“Welcome to your new life/Is it the paradise, baby, you’d hoped you’d find?” the pair of voices ask rhetorically.

White Sea‘s Morgan Kibby provides guest vocals, and gives “Welcome to Your New Life” a lot of its heart and suspense.

All in all, the track is a wry ode to the end of a relationship, and a testament to the power of dissonance between sonic style and subject matter.

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White Sea – Stay Young, Get Stoned

You might know Morgan Kibby by way of her collaborations with French electronic band M83 (she co-wrote the infectious “Midnight City”). Now, under the stage name of White Sea, Ms. Kibby is penning her own solo career with catchy tunes like her latest, “Stay Young, Get Stoned.” The song is filled with feel-good synths and smooth, upbeat vocals that make it a summer playlist must.

White Sea will be playing at Lollapalooza come August 1st. Stream her song exclusively via Noisey here.

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Pell – Runaway (ft. White Sea) [Remix]

NOLA rapper Pell teamed up with Morgan Kibby (of White Sea and M83 fame) to flip his song “Runaway” off of his album Floating While Dreaming. The somber song with that chorus line “out in the cold you told me it would be fine, now you’re alone struggling for a place to call home” suddenly sounds like an unbeat pop record. It’s a transition sonically and emotionally, but I find both versions beautiful in their own right. SO MUCH GOOD NEW MUSIC TODAY.




Original Version:

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