Tupper Ware Remix Party – The Hit (Whaleskin Remix)

Tupper Ware Remix Party - The Hit (Whaleskin Remix)

The title of the artist at hand was what initially peaked my interest about this track. The more I delved into the background history behind the Tupper Ware Remix Party, the more I realized that these guys were true genius’s of our generation. Blending an obvious Daft Punk influence with a more 80’s style retro styling – together with a prog-rock energy that can’t be matched, the band has some serious potential (they’ve even been spotted on Canada’s Got Talent).

But hold up, this isn’t just another TWRP track – the tune has been remixed by nu-disco/house producer Whaleskin.

Lending his 4-on-the-floor disco sensibilities and retro synth gear to the mix, the vibes are then taken to a whole new level. Whaleskin exhibits a career of sexy disco remixes of friends but also a few originals, most of which are available for free download! Plug this shit in, and go for a drive ’cause the Sunset’s in the Rearview and  night-time’s comin’.

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