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Gallant – Weight In Gold (Sweater Beats Remix)

Okay producers, we get it. You love remixing Gallant’s “Weight In Gold.” It’s played out, overdone, and for all intents and purposes, cliche. At least those were my exact thoughts upon seeing yet another Gallant flip show up in my inbox. That was, until I hit play. Somehow, someway, Sweater Beats just separated himself from the pack with his unique spin on “Weight In Gold” that is equal parts seductive and infectious.

The New York native starts things off with a slow simmer, letting the original Gallant vocals wash over you like waves. Then things heat up as the drum work pushes the production forward, and even finds SB riffing on a live (gasp!) guitar for the jump-out-of-your-seat hook drop.

Stream the head-bobbing remix below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Gallant – Weight in Gold (Louis Vivet Remix)

As soon as Gallant’s “Weight In Gold” was premiered on Beats 1 by Zane Lowe, it was clear that the rousing, LA-based R&B revivalist was going to be the subject of numerous remixes – and three months later, it’s safe to say that “Weight In Gold” has been re-imagined, re-invented, and remixed to our hearts desire. With so many different takes on the track ranging from a stand-out cover by Olivia Knox, to an impressive future rendition by Louis Futon, I was all but over listening to any more remixes of the track – that is, until I heard Louis Vivet’s stellar remix and just had to write about it.

Louis Vivet is carving out a strong niche for themselves in the booming LA dance music scene, as their sonic style is a delicate balance between electronic and pop. Their music lacks the groove of house, but more than makes up for it with its heavy, emotional melodies and introspective aura. In the past, Louis Vivet has delivered superb re-makes of Eagle Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight” and Miike Snow’s “Silvia,” but there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ve taken their music to another level with their remix of “Weight in Gold.”

Gallant’s soaring croons are met head-on with a beautiful, orchestral arrangement that makes the track feel as big as Madison Square Garden. Heavy-hitting, electro-tinged synth melodies sit alongside a booming bass line, elevating the R&B-meets-electronic vibe of the original. It’s a remix made for the late nights kicking it with the homies, or the days where you just need a pick me up. Peep it below.

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Gallant – Weight in Gold (Olivia Knox Cover)

gallant weight in gold olivia knox cover

It’s not very often that I can be blown away by a cover, but Olivia Knox is a superstar in the making. I had absolutely no idea who she was until I came across her cover of Gallant’s “Weight In Gold” yesterday, and as soon as I hit play, I couldn’t stop listening to her – it was that amazing.

The original was premiered by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 at the end of June, and it cemented Gallant’s reputation as one of the music industry’s fastest rising stars, as he effortlessly combined awe-inspiring production with his smooth, sultry vocals to re-invent R&B into a more electronic-tinged genre.

Olivia Knox’s rendition of Gallant’s original has an undeniable beauty. The production is toned down a bit, allowing Olivia Knox to take center stage and deliver a stunning vocal performance that will make a grown man weep. It’s the type of song that will have you looking at yourself in the mirror and digging deep to re-evaluate your decisions.

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