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Pr0files – Empty Hands

Making anthemic pop music may seem as easy as stacking synth loop after synth loop and cranking up the drum track, but there’s an indelible quality that separates your run-of-the-milll overproduced record from something truly special.

Pr0files‘ “Empty Hands” definitely falls into the latter category. The electro pop duo’s single is a wash of gooey, warm synth chords and bewitching falsetto vocals from Lauren Pardini.

The track’s soulfulness and organic sound is reminiscent of M83 or Washed Out, but perhaps they sum up the song best by saying “[it] could easily slide in on the Drive soundtrack. ”

With its shiny, glimmering sound “Empty Hands” is a wonderful dose of Indian summer that will surely get people excited for their upcoming debut LP Jurassic Technologie.

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Nasd Out – Wait What [Mixtape]

Wait What has done it again:  Nasd Out, an album long mashup of Nas and Washed Out. You might remember Wait What from the in-fucking-credible mixtape, the notorious xx. I dare say that a few songs on that mixtape are some of the mashups I’ve ever heard.

Although it definitely doesn’t outshine the notorious xx, Nasd Out takes on a similar feel. Nas’ killer rhymes over Washed Out’s ambient, chillwave hums. My only gripe is that some of the Nas samples sound a little grainy, but check it out for yourselves:

wait what – nasd out [nas vs washed out] by wait what
Direct 320kbps download:

Nasd Out – Wait What


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Washed Out – Far Away [Live Recording]

Washed Out Live Recording

One of my favorite music blogs, YoursTru.ly, recently invited Washed Out into their recording studio for a recording session. It’s hard to believe that music that sounds so perfect on record can sound just as smooth when played live. Everything here, from the music to the footage, is beautiful. Swoon. I would love to someday be able to record live sessions with bands as part of Sunset in the Rearview’s repertoire. Who wants to provide funding?


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Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

This song by Washed Out has been sitting atop the charts over at Hype Machine, which is how it caught my eye. I try to stay away from only posting things that reach the tops of lists, because frankly, how would that make me any different from the rest of the music blogs? But, stubbornness aside, there must be a reason why songs reach the tops, right? There certainly is with “Eyes Be Closed.” The hazy qualities of this song make it a perfect tune for a band named Washed Out – does this not take you to a place of crashing waves and salt-stained clothes? The colors are all pastel in this world. Nothing is quite for sure. The wind just might blow it all away. Close your eyes, let the synths take you there.

MP3: “Eyes Be Closed” – Washed Out

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