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[Video] MGK ft. Waka Flocka – Wild Boy

Visuals for MGK‘s buzz single, Wild Boy.

This song comes on and I instantly go nuts. I hated Waka’s verse at first, but now, it’s the best part of the song.


Lace Up.

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[Video] Neon Hitch – No Hands (Waka Flocka Cover)

Neon Hitch – No Hands (Waka Flocka Cover)

Wow. Neon Hitch (whose birthname is actually Neon Hitch, which is outrageously dope) absolutely blows my mind sometimes, and this is certainly of those times.

Covering Flocka’s “No Hands,” she puts a nasty little twist on the original. For some reason I really kept hoping Rick Ross would drop an “UNGH” on this track and spit verse; in her own way, Hitch is just about as thug as the Big Boss.

Benny Blanco discovered her on MySpace a while back apparently (people still use that?), and I really think she’s going to blow up.

Dope video production too, pretty simple reversed slow mo but it comes together in an awesome way.

Someone needs to dub the shit out of this…

Download “No Hands”

Neon Hitch || Facebook || Twitter


D Prep || Follow on Twitter

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[3 New Tracks] Drake – Club Paradise, Round of Applause, & Free Spirit

Some new Drizzy tunage for your listening pleasures! Club Paradise was recorded during the Take Care seessions, his sophomore album. It is unknown if this will make the final cut or not, but nonetheless, he’s still stepping it up. Peep it!

Side note: Produced by 40. Surprise, surprise! And rumor has it he’s dropping more songs tonight, so be on the lookout for this post to be updated.

Hulkshare: Drake – Club Paradise

*UPDATE* Those two tracks I was talking about are here! Drake’s L-Card (Lex Luger virginity) has been officially taken and Free Spirit is niiiiiiiiiiiiice! *insert loso voice*

Hulkshare: Drake ft. Waka Flocka – Round of Applause

Hulkshare: Drake ft. Rick Ross – Free Spirit

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Machine Gun Kelly ft. Waka Flocka – Wild Boy

Once again, this is probably one of those songs you don’t usually see on Sunset. However, MGK has been up here a few times, he’s from my home town, and I’m laced up!

Now onto the song. Kells had a song back last year with Juicy J called Boat Load, and my favorite line of that song happens to be the theme/sample of this one! In my opinion, Waka is garbage. Wish it was just Kells on this song, but with his recent signing with Diddy, you might be seeing more recognizable names in his songs now. *sigh*

Low-key kind of wish he gave his boy Dubo a verse rather then Waka.

Warning: If you’re not into the whole Waka/Lex Luger type thing, this might be a lil too hardcore for you.

Machine Gun Kelly ft Waka Flocka – Wild Boy

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Womp Womp Wednesday

What’s up, party people? Broadcasting to you live from the home of alliteration since 2009, this Womp Womp Wednesday I’m subbing in for D Prep‘s flow, which is currently on the road with Hoodie Allen, Fortune Family and a bunch of other bloggers nervous about what their potluck roommate is gonna be like in the dorms (nudist/vegan?? my roommate had really bad gas).

I can’t pretend to be an expert of the ‘Womp Womp’ genre, but here are 5 songs that I could see people recklessly gyrating to. And the dry humping.. All of these songs have some element of that ‘wobble’ that the kids go crazy for, so strap on some studio headphones or plug the auxiliary chord from your high end stereo equipment into your Zune for these. Not for computer speakers!!! PS: FLOCKA!

Emalkay – Fabrication
Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Zed’s Dead Remix)
Hudsone Mowhawke – Thunder Bay
Waka Flocka x Darq E Freaker – Cherryade (Sinden Edit)

Lunice – I See You (Girl Unit Remix)

xoxo @mpheilbrunn

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Friday at Five: Lil Jon, Pastor Troy Waka Flocka – All the Way Crunked Up

Warning for this week’s Friday at Five:

This song has no artistic qualities whatsoever. It is merely and quintessentially the summation of all that is dastardly in 4 minutes and 53 seconds.

If you are pregnant, or may be pregnant, please consult a doctor before you play this track. If you suffer from seizures or are sensitive to bright lights, please refrain from playing this song for you may suffer unforeseen side effects.

I must reiterate that there is no telling what will happen when you listen but when you are arrested later tonight it is ok to blame me for sharing this song with you.

“All The Way Crunked UP” – Lil Jon, Pastor Troy, Waka Flocka | DOWNLOAD



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Friday at Five [Heroes + Villians]

Dear readers, friends, and innocent bystanders,

The clock has struck 5 and even though I have been a subdued and respectable character throughout this week, everything has changed.

It is officially the weekend and that means that Four Lokos will replace water as the sustenance for my life, my middle finger will remain an almost permanent position towards the sky, and I will brazenly break every conceivable law.

My cares have been left in the weekdays and the only thing left is a lack of inhibition. Havoc will be wreaked and the soundtrack that will drown out police sirens comes courtesy of Heroes + Villains.

May your weekend be as amazing as mine.



Waka Flocka-O Lets Do It-Heroes+Villains RMX by Heroes + Villains


Written by Falade

Twitter | Falade@SunsetInTheRearview.com| Official.FMMyspaceSoundCloud DropBox

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