[Download Mixtape] Tape Wednesday

On the first Tuesday of every month most months, Arjun (pictured above) graces us with a free mixtape of songs he collects from all corners of the Internet. He calls it Tape Tuesday, because alliterations are tight. Anyway, along with the music Arjun includes original artwork and words that inspire, make us laugh, and sometimes—on rare occasions—words so beautiful that they make us cry (or at least that’s what I hear). Last month he wrote about how he feels he doesn’t do enough with the ideas he has. I think we can all relate to that. It’s so easy to brush aside ideas and come up with excuses as to why our lives are just too busy to follow through on creative pursuits. I mean, there are eight seasons of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Netflix to get through. That screenplay you always wanted to write can wait until tomorrow. Or next month. You’ll get to it sometime, right?

After reading through that post, I was driving to work and had an idea: What if I put together a mixtape called “TAPE WEDNESDAY” the day after he posted his monthly “TAPE TUESDAY” mixtape? I’d put his face on the cover and post it here without him knowing about it first, so he’d discover it on his own along with the rest of you. Basically, the whole purpose of the post would be for that singular moment when he randomly checks the site and sees his face staring back at him from the cover of a mixtape. It would be a weird way of using a very public platform for what is essentially a stupid joke between two people. It just seemed like a funny, simple moment and I wanted to make it happen. 

Plus, you guys would get two full mixtapes of awesome music within 24 hours of each other.

Then the more I thought about it, the whole thing started to feel like a pretentious meta art project that the corny philosophical guy who makes my coffee every morning would come up with. The little voice in my head that keeps me from turning ideas to reality was speaking up again: “This is dumb. You’ll look stupid. Don’t do it.” I was ready to scrap the idea.

Then I realized this was turning into another one of the hundreds of ideas I have every week that I never actually end up executing. Or even attempting to execute. As horrible/uncomfortable/awkward as this turned out to be, it feels good to see an idea materialize. Arjun was right. Now I won’t regret not doing this, which is the worst kind of regret there is.

Here’s some music.

Download Tape Wednesday

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Songs of the Week : September 2 – September 8

School is in session but at least we’ve got some serious jams to look back at, right? Yeah!

1. [MP3] Hugh – Not Fair Too Far…

(Posted by Alicia)

Hugh randomly popped out this week with a somber, chilling track. “Not Fair Too Far…” is a twist of female and male vocals and a dash of darkness. It’s really something else and is the perfect debut.


2. [MP3] Seekae – Another Girl

(Posted by Lydia)

What a hauntingly beautiful track Seekae has created. It’s one of those songs that just put you into a trance, that you simply don’t even want to get out of. “Another Girl” is gorgeous in possibly the saddest way, but we’re loving it.


3. [MP3] Magic Man – Every Day

(Posted by Lydia)

“Every Day” is an upbeat electronic pop jam that’ll get you in a damn good mood. It’s fun, light and simply addictive as can be.  Can’t go wrong with that, right? Go ahead, groove around to this one.


4. [MP3] Vaults – Cry No More

(Posted by Alicia)

This is by far my personal favorite track of the week. “Cry No More”  gave me chills on first listen with its pure emotion and unique elements. It’s a bit dark yet it’s so incredibly catchy at the same time. It’s a gorgeous combination that makes this track the special piece of art that it is.


5. [MP3] alt-J – Breezeblocks (RZA Remix)

(Posted by Dusty)

RZA + Alt-J? Weird, but I’m down.  This RZA Remix of Alt-J’s hit “Breezeblocks” is definitely a bit odd but it works out. It’s a fresh, unique take on the tune we all fell in love with. Can’t argue with that one!

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[MP3] Vaults – Cry No More

I’m not sure where Vaults popped out of but holy cow, they’ve definitely gone the extra mile for their debut track. “Cry No More” is gorgeous, a bit dark, and has a pinch of innocence. It’s  a heavenly ballad with it’s own special uniqueness. How many times will we have to replay this tune until we get some more music from Vaults? I’m already craving more.

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