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Cub Sport – I Can’t Save You

“I Can’t Save You” is our newest look into Cub Sport‘s upcoming debut album, and if this song is any indication, the album should be as poppy as it gets. This single feels influenced by Empire of the Sun and Two Door Cinema Club, which to me is a very very good thing. Cub Sport’s music has always had a hint of the 80’s to it, but this track feels like a more fleshed-out take on their previous style. Peep the track below, and look out for the Aussies’ debut LP on March 4th.

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[MP3] Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of The Seasons


Two Door Cinema Club are bringing new tunes to our ears and it feels like just yesterday that they released their latest album Beacon. Hey, we aren’t complaining though! “Changing of the Seasons” is another sweet indie-pop track that’ll get you jumping around your room. It seems as though these boys never stop and it seems to be paying off. Look out for their EP out September 30th.

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[Festival Review] Positivus 2013 Festival in Latvia

Positivus truly is a festival like no other. Set a brief drive away from Latvia’s capital city of Riga, in Salacgriva, the festival is a beautiful combination of all of the elements we’ve come to love from frequenting both small indie festivals, and the more renowned festivals like Primavera and Glastonbury. Featuring a wonderfully diverse line-up including Sigur Ros, The XX, Jack Beats, Tom Odell, Michael Kiwanuka, Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons, C2C, Darwin Deez  and John Grant – amongst many others. Continue reading to get a full rundown of Positivus Festival.

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Top Acts to See At Lollapalooza 2013


Summer is nearing its end, but summer music festivals still have some unfinished business. Lollapalooza in particular is coming up next weekend and what better to do than name all the great acts that are going to be there? The list is pretty freaking huge but I’m going to break down some of my top picks for each day. This will either help you out in forming your own schedule when you’re there or maybe I’m just putting salt in a wound since you can’t make it. Either way, hit the jump to check out the full list of top acts you need to see at Lollapalooza 2013.

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20 Must-Have Summer Songs of 2013, Part 1

We’re about one month into summer so it’s only right for the Sunset Fam to give you a dose of our favorite songs of the season so far.  We’ve compiled a list that’ll make you want to cruise to the beach with your windows down, with no worries in the world.  Here’s our top 20 must-have tracks to get you going for the rest of this lovely season.


1. Netherfriends – Uptown Boys

There’s not much I can say other than this jam by Netherfriends is one of the coolest songs I’ve ever heard. If I could only transport back to college and just drive around campus blasting this song with my windows rolled down. Fuck it, though, I’m just going to put my headphones on, play this song on repeat, and strut around living like it’s a summer day every day. It’s easy to dream when you’re always high. Lydia


2. La Plage – Rendez Vous

La Plage gives us that light, fun indie summer track we all need in our lives.  It’s dreamy and sweet like a summer treat. (Yes, I just said that with no shame.)  Alicia


3. Sol – Jump In

To be honest, I go back and forth on Sol. Sometimes I think his content is lacking substance. But when it comes to a summer tune, sometimes the last thing you want is heavy content. That’s part of what makes this song so perfect. It’s light, airy, and catchy as ever. music is my baby, she drive me crazy – Lydia


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The Best Five Dance Songs of the Week

So, lately to preface this column I’ve just been using inspiration quotes that involve dancing. Like, are guys down with that shit? I think it’s kinda dope. Here’s another one. I definitely advise to use it as a pickup line:

“I would believe only in a God that knows how to Dance.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

1. Y U M E – Just Us

2. BenZel – If You Love Me (Xaphoon Jones + Grave Goods Remix)

3. Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Viceroy Remix)

4. The Hood Internet – While I’m Different (2 Chainz x STRFKR)

5. Vicetone feat. Collin McLoughlin – Heartbeat

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Two Door Cinema Club – Next Year [RAC Remix]

I ran into this earlier in the week and totally spaced on putting it up, but better late than never right? RAC (creator of one of my Top 5 favorite tracks, Hollywood) hit the interwebs with their reworking of TDCC’s “Next Year,” and bring an absolutely tune to us, if I may steal a phrase from my British compadres. Here’s to hoping we a new project some time soon.

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Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club live at the Fox Theater Oakland - Andi Pimentel

There are three things you need to know about me:

  1. I registered to vote at Outside Lands music festival
  2. For my birthday my boyfriend bought me a Jambox instead of jewelry
  3. I am obsessed with Spotify

Spotify does so many things and it does them well. Spotify allows me to have the same playlist on 700 devices including my Ring Pop and IKEA clock, it gives me an excuse to bully my friends into following my Good Life playlist (yeah, you click that), and it introduced me to Two Door Cinema Club.

I went from hearing them once on Spotify Radio to becoming a loyal fan in a matter of 21 hours. In my opinion, Two Door is hipster music for everyone. I like it. My friends like it. My parents like it. My little sister likes it. My boss likes it. I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it.

I was stoked to see them play at Fox Theater in Oakland on October 23rd. So much so that I begged my boyfriend to celebrate our 3-year anniversary with tickets to the show and proceeded to invite all of our friends. It was one big anniversary party (registry is at Williams Sonoma, in case you wanted to send something).

The show kicked off with an incredible light show that maintained throughout. Someone evidently spent days blueprinting ways for the stage to come alive and whoever you are: luminescent job buddy. Nicely done. I usually don’t notice stuff like that but I was mesmerized by the exploding spots of green, rays of silver, and blue meteor shower.

I had heard some of Two Door’s live recordings (thank you Spotify) and was already aware that their live performances aren’t quite as crisp as their studio recordings can be. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away; I just wanted a good time (that’s what he said). I was right. They didn’t bring the same sort of clean sound on stage, but their lyrics, energy, and lightshow (again, awesome) more than made up for it. There were definitely aspects that would have enhanced the experience (more interaction with the crowd and maybe a shout out for me to come on stage) but quite frankly, the crowd didn’t mind. No one cared they couldn’t hear what Alex Trimble was saying to his fans (we already know we’re awesome and you couldn’t have done this without us, thank you, thank you). No one cared the sound was not as well-groomed as they were used to. From the moment Two Door opened with Sleep Alone – my personal fav – to the moment they closed with What You Know, 95% of the crowd was dancing with the intention of pulling a butt muscle. The other 5% was venue staff.

Which brings me to the last thing you need to know about me:
4. I’m going to be Sam Halliday for Halloween.


[Review written by Sunset Guest Writer Andi Pimentel]

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Tape Tuesday: Secret Beach

Don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy.

Secret Beach is a real place. But this mixtape isn’t about the actual place where I’ve had some of the best nights of my life. Instead, this mixtape is about the idea of a fictional Secret Beach where you can relive your greatest memories in all their glory. The main conflict of the tape is finding a balance between relishing old memories and creating new ones. The conclusion is definitely left open to interpretation about whether the protagonist moves on or chooses to stay at Secret Beach.

But hey, you might listen to these 20 songs and get a completely different story out of it. Part of what makes music so powerful is that it affects people in different ways. Secret Beach is where you can remake your own story.

In dissolution, I found beauty. How the hell have you been?

  1. YesYou – Half of It
  2. Elite Gymnastics – Andreja 4-Ever
  3. Lightning Love – Bobby Thompson
  4. Benjamin Gibbard – Teardrop Windows
  5. Rubblebucket – (Focus) Oversaturated
  6. Fantasy Rainbow – Condominium
  7. Another – Looking Away
  8. The Sweet Serenades – Moving On
  9. The xx – Try
  10. Passion Pit – On My Way
  11. Two Door Cinema Club – Next Year
  12. COIN – It’s Okay
  13. The Sweet Serenades – Help Me!
  14. Swim Deep – Honey
  15. Praything – Soon Soon
  16. Bear Mountain – Survive (Germany Germany)
  17. Novi Split – Hollow Notes
  18. Years and Years – I Wish I Knew
  19. Slam Donahue – Good Morning World
  20. ABADABAD – All The Bros Say


You’re so attractive when you’re stretched out cat-like yawning.

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Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

Young Empires

This week’s Friday at Five is graced by the presence of Young Empires-remixed Two Door Cinema Club. I wanted a little help from the general public in selecting today’s Friday at Five track, because let’s face it, though you may listen to my opinion, I can’t always determine what will get you through the weekend like you’re sliding down a slippery tarp. So today I asked on Twitter for submissions or suggestions for this week’s track. It turned out that my buddy Andy from Tympanogram had the winning track. I was always a fan of “What You Know” by TDCC but then Young Empires came in and added a bit of a dance-electro beat underneath it. I’m down with that. And I’m down with the weekend. Andddd it’s Friday at Five. Laterrrr. PS – Follow me on Twitter and you could play a part in selecting next week’s track. Am I bribing you? Maybe. You’ll get a shout out though.

“What You know” (Young Empires Remix) – Two Door Cinema Club

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Passion Pit – Undercover Martyn Flexin’ It (Remix ft. Two Door Cinema Club)


“Undercover Martyn Flexin’ It” (Remix ft. Two Door Cinema Club) – Passion Pit

There has been quite a stir over Two Door Cinema Club and even though I hate jumping on the proverbial bandwagon, I am not so much of a rebel that I will ignore this amazing remix. So here I am, atop the bandwagon, sharing Passion Pit’s take on “Undercover Martyn” with you. If said sharing of aforementioned song makes me a poser, then so be it. I will lay down my camouflage bandana, leather jacket, and misplaced fears of 2012 for you. I am just that great and caring of a person.

Direct Download

Two Door Cinema Club | Twitter | Myspace | Fancy Dancy Website

Passion Pit | Twitter | Myspace | Fancy Dancy Website

Written by a caring Falade who puts you before his rebel cause.

Twitter | | MyspaceSoundCloud DropBox

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Hoodie Allen – Words of Wisdom

“Words of Wisdom” (feat. Two Door Cinema Club) – Hoodie Allen

NEW Single from Hoodie Allen,
featuring Two Door Cinema Club!

If you’re anything like me, you are probably still singing along to Hoodie’s last single release, “You Are Not A Robot.” That song was released, it blew up, hit Number 1 on The Hype Machine, and ever since, I’ve found myself anxiously chewing on my fingernails during the wait for the next song from dynamic duo, rapper Hoodie Allen and producer RJF. I might have even had to do a couple of jumping jacks before bed last night in anticipation of the song’s arrival in my mailbox this morning.

Well, the day has arrived. I can finally take a deep breath, kick my feet up, throw my headphones on, and enjoy a steady jam with this soulful rendition of Two Door Cinema Club’s “Undercover Martyn.” RJF remastered and threw a wonderful hip hop beat onto this track and Hoodie once again delivered his incredible wit and wisdom. Though I still find myself jamming to the beauty that is “You Are Not A Robot” by the day, Hoodie Allen does not ride on its coattails with his new single. Compared to its predecessor, “Words of Wisdom” shows the chill-side of Hoodie Allen, when before we were only shown the skaterboy-party-side.

And with that, I am already anticipating the singing in my sleep. 

And she spoke words that would melt in your hands,
And she spoke words of wisdom

In addition to this killer hook, Hoodie Allen struck gold with his references on the track, ranging from AC Slater to Landon Donovan, and somehow, all the way to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 

I’ve got this song on repeat all day, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this continued throughout the month or longer. Luckily, this is just the beginning. Come September, we’ll have an entire album from Hoodie Allen and RJF. It will be titled Pep Rally and will feature more incredibly creative samples from “a sonically diverse sounding group of artists.” 

Download “Words of Wisdom”

For more information on Hoodie Allen, check out:
His Interview with Sunset in the Rearview 
His MySpace Page
His Facebook Fanpage
His Twitter Page

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