[Sunset Mixtape] No Mans Land

New Sunset Mixtape!

It is always exciting when a new president is elected in the United States. Between election day and inauguration day, speculation runs rampant, as the President-elect decides who will run the government with him or her for the next four years. During this time of great intrigue, people begin to get a feel for what their country will look like under this person’s leadership.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in the land. Most people who voted for him did so in the hope that he will institute laws that will work better for them and their family. However, so far, during this transition period before taking office, Trump has put questionable people in positions of power, while tweeting thoughtless lies and failing to properly address the global conflicts of interest caused by his company (He has also suddenly reversed his position on many issues, making it seem like he previously never learned the details of, say, climate change.). Right now, the way his first days as President-elect have gone, it seems like Donald Trump will not work for the people who voted for him or for “all Americans,” as he claims; it seems like he will work only for Donald Trump.

That’s why I named this mix No Mans Land. It is a really, really dumb way of saying that I don’t think Trump is going to be a good president.

These lights sparkle but they might hurt you

NOTE: Original cover image by Natasha Jen.


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Trapo – Kill the Robots

Milwaukee MC Trapo

You’re undoubtedly tired of your 50-year-old parents telling you about the ills of technology and social media, but Milwaukee MC Trapo has a much different – and more interesting – way of getting his point across.

The teenage rap wunderkind’s latest single “Kill the Robots,” is a trap-tinged warning about what constant screen watching is doing to the youth that manages to be both spacey and soulful.

Trapo’s gruff, melodic bars have drawn comparisons to Future, which while not unwarranted, does somewhat undersell his lyrical ability.

“I can read the signs, I seen how my generation suffers from a filter full of lights/And that just isn’t right,” he spits, before imploring you to delete your Instagram.

Trapo manages to straddle the line between conscious and raucous in a way reminiscent of Sunset favorites Hurt Everybody. That is to say, he’s making hip-hop which is enjoyable on both an intellectual and emotional level.

“Kill the Robots” is yet another impressive notch in the young rapper’s belt, and you should be sure to check the track out so you can get in on the ground floor of his rise.

After that, maybe go play outside for a while.

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[Introducing] Trapo

New Trapo!

Earlier today I called Madison, Wisconsin a hip-hop city on the rise. Another guy from there with massive potential is Trapo. The 17-year-old rapper has one of those rare, distinctive voices. It almost sounds like D.R.A.M. mixed with Isaiah Rashad and Chance The Rapper. What makes his songs so fun to listen to is his approach to songwriting seems so fluid. His voice will undulate within the highs and lows of the beat. He will attack and retreat and continue to do so until you are singing and rapping along with him.

I’m tryna hurt somebody right now, it’s a killing season

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