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[MP3 Download] Trails and Ways – Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

Anything involving the name Frank Ocean will get my full attention without any hesitation. Therefore when I see someone has covered a Frank Ocean track, you know I’m there to replay it over and over. Trails and Ways have managed to take the addictive tune “Lost” and create their own indie soothing spin to it.  It’s got a chill vibe that  does not disappoint and it’s also free for download, win-win here folks.

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Songs of the Week: July 10-16

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post, but I am back with a new feature on the site that I will be curating each Sunday recapping Sunset’s favorite songs of the week. If you fall behind on music any given week, we hope this post will get you back in the loop!

G Eazy – I Don’t Believe You feat. Team Robot

Young Gerald dropped a new single featuring long time contributor Team Robot (you’ll know them from “Run”). This is one to get turnt to.

Avicii – Wake Me Up feat. Aloe Blacc

If you’ve been following Avicii since his controversial Ultra performance where he blended live country music with his set, you’ll know he’s going in an interesting direction as of late. This one features Aloe “Needs a Dollar” Blacc, and fuses Avicii’s club-ready instrumental’s with country guitar and Aloe’s beautiful, jazzy voice.

Vicktor Taiwo – Only Love (Ben Howard Cover)

This one is really incredible. Vicktor Taiwo, who Arjun recently introduced to the site, cover’s Ben Howard’s song “Only Love.” Vicktor’s exceptionally unique R&B combines with the instrumental to make a dreamy, driving, gorgeous song. Perhaps my favorite from the entire week.

Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind

Thanks to Dusty for bringing this to SITR, Milky Chance is an artist I had formerly been unfamiliar with. They’re kind of like Feist meets Guster meets Miike Snow, but their sound is unique and a lot of fun. With an amusing, acoustic instrumental and the lead singer’s voice that recalls Noah and the Whale, these Germans are poised to become very popular in the States.

Trails and Ways – Nunca

It’s tough not to start dancing to this one. Trails and Ways describes their sound as “bossanova dreampop,” and I think that’s really the best description possible for what they have released on their new album, Trilingual. Listen to my favorite track off of that EP below, and hit the link above to stream the new EP.

Paul Otten – Breeze

Paul Otten’s “Breeze” sounds like a song that could be a breakout single this summer. Perfect for the beach and backyard barbeques, this song is simple, fun, and guarantees a good mood. Breeze will certainly be in heavy rotation in the weeks to come.
Schoolboy Q – Collard Greens feat. Kendrick Lamar

Given that this one features two of my favorite MCs of the moment, it almost makes the list by default. That being said, it clearly came with high expectations, and in my mind, it exceeded them. With great verses from the two of them, TDE kills it as always.


Dream Big

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Trails and Ways – Trilingual [EP Stream]

New Trails and Ways!

Two sides of Trails and Ways are on full display on their Trilingual EP: there is their tribal, sort of earthy percussion, and there is their tropical, sort of dreamy melodies. If you put the two together, you really get a vacation in the form of five, carefully manufactured MP3s. I would highly recommend that you purchase the EP for a measly $3 here. Support good music. Also, the band is temporarily giving two singles, “Como Te Vas” and “Tereza,” for free download because they care.

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[EP] TRAILS & WAYS – Detornar-se

TRAILS & WAYS is one of my favorite up and coming groups and it’s always awesome when they tell me they have new material/remixes/the works/etc…

Anyways, if you’ve kept up with Sunset and or TRAILS & WAYS, you know that they’ve been steadily working on a remix EP and it’s here! Here’s what they have to say below:

The title of the EP is “Detornar-se”, which is a gender neutral form of a Portuguese reflexive verb, roughly translating to “Remake-itself”.  

To us, the name perfectly describes how the EP came to exist. Rather than us setting out and intentionally “creating” a remix EP, the remixes have instead come to us organically from self-inspired producers over the last 6 months. It was as if the songs went into the world and remade themselves completely outside of our control.

This spontaneous creation process has led to a very atypical collection of tracks. While it does include remixes of our 3 singles (Mtn Tune, Nunca, and Border Crosser), it also has multiple remixes of one of our relatively unknown tracks “Tereza”, and two remixes of covers we’ve recorded (Sure Thing by Miguel and Midnight City by M83).

8 remixes. Different producers. All each creating a different sound that already adds on to the uniqueness that TRAILS & WAYS brings to the table.

Producers: The Seshen – Celestial Trax – Wallpaper. – The Highweights – Ghost Beach – Prismic Delight –Yalls – Bunnynoser


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TRAILS & WAYS – Border Crosser (The Seshen Remix)

So this is kind of neat-o. TRAILS & WAYSare putting out a remix EP next year and this is the first release from that EP. Their Oakland friends, The Seshen, help with this remix and give it such a different sound from the original version. TRAILS & WAYS is all about the haunted bass line in the chorus, the dark, tense synths, and that chopped & screwed vocal bridge.

“The whole remix EP will be out January 8th. We wanted to curate a remix EP cause we get a lot of inspiration from all the innovation being done by producers right now, and we make our songs in conversation with those ideas. We wanted to give some producers the chance to talk back. Some remixes are from friends in the Bay Area electronic scene. Other remixers approached us unasked. We’re putting out the remixes as part of the buildup to our debut full-length, Trilingual, to be released next year.”

Free download here.

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[Premiere] Ghost Beach & Trails And Ways – Getting Different

We like Ghost Beach at Sunset. We also like Trails & Ways. I want to say I organized this little “get together,” but sadly, I had nothing to do with it. I’m just the guy on the keyboard premiering this to you.

Ghost Beach hit me up a few weeks ago saying that they got together with Trails And Ways and decided to do something different. Ghost Beach remixed Trails And Ways “Nunca” while Trails And Ways remixed Ghost Beach’s “Miracle.” Each group adding their own touch to their respective singles. And it’s crazy. Both these groups have such different sounds that it’s pretty cool to see what they did with each others tracks. Peep it below!



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Tape Tuesday: Teenagers

I’m graduating on Saturday. I think graduation is a time when people want you to be both selfish and selfless. They expect you to want stuff–whether it be a whole graduation party or a freaking overly emotional parting gift. They say that this is your time, and it is. But also half of graduation is for other people. It’s a time when you let your mom fix your graduation cap for one last time. It’s a time when you endure a really boring ceremony just so your parents can have a picture of you accepting your diploma framed and sitting proudly on the mantelpiece in the family room.

My point is that I made this mix for you as much as I did for myself. I’m really kind of scared of graduation, so I stuck a lot of (new) songs that for one reason or another remind me of a specific memory from the last four years–I guess so I don’t forget. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You got a young heart and you’re afraid to break it off to a slow start but don’t worry I can take it, you are worth the wait and I’ve got the time

  1. Mouth’s Cradle – Sparks
  2. iFFY The Bad Man – Triumph
  3. Russ – Serenity
  4. N.A. – Sheep & Wolf
  5. A.Dd+ – Shit Got Crazy
  6. Jon Hope – Cashews
  7. Unouomedude – Buildings
  8. Carousel – Let’s Go Home
  9. Jesse James – Opposite
  10. Left Boy – Your Song (Daft Punk Rejected Mix)
  11. Slow Magic & Beat Culture – Once
  12. Trails and Ways – Nunca
  13. Fast Years – Young Heart
  14. Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger – Spinning on Fire
  15. Fletcher C. Johnson – Messin’ Up My Mind
  16. Torches – I Want Something
  17. Dante – Next to You
  18. Tough Guys of America – SALE
  19. Saint Motel – 1997


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Trails and Ways – Nunca

Like clockwork, summer instinctively seems to roll out these catchy upbeat songs instantly bringing a smile upon one’s face. This time we’ve got the Oakland, California quartet Trails and Ways, who have managed wow us with this terrifically fun South American sounding track, that has “good vibes” written all over it. The opening guitar riffs truly take you away making you wish you were sippin’ a Mai Tai with a warm coastal breeze at your back. It’s too bad I’m not. With the promising young groups forthcoming album Trilingual set to be released later this year, I’ll just have to patiently wait while I sip my Mai Tai stateside. Snag this great track free of charge and support Trilingual once released!





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