[Sunset Selections] The One with the Trailer

New Sunset Selections Trailer!

Jimmy Fallon likes Sunset Selections. Well, sort of… you have to watch the ultra cool trailer by our writer Eric to find out. The mixtape comes out tomorrow, which is just a trip ’cause I remember having the idea for it a few months ago. The experience of putting this mix together has been both really frustrating and super enjoyable. The entire #SunsetFam contributed to the making of the mixtape–whether it was through contacting artists, letting me “borrow” their artwork, or making this kick ass trailer. Also, the artists on the tape have been amazing and supportive of this idea. But shit, I guess I’ll talk more on that tomorrow.

Watch the video or hit the jump to (FINALLY) find out which artists are on tomorrow’s Sunset Selections mixtape.

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Listen to the Rap Song in the ‘The Kings of Summer’ Trailer

New Song from The Kings of Summer Trailer!

Coming-of-age indie films are like my favorite subgenre of a non-genre of movie. Over the years, however, they have slowly become sort of clichéd versions of themselves, but The Kings of Summer seems to break the mold a bit. From the trailer below and critics’ reviews, it seems candid and edgy and darker than most of its counterparts. Also, the trailer contained a perfectly appropriate rap song that became more intriguing after its lyrics wouldn’t show up in a Google search (#rare). Anyhow, I did more research a found the song was called “Yikes” by A Rapper Named Dame (but, like, not named “Dame”–a rapper named “A Rapper Named Dame”). I love it. Let me know what YOU think below in the comments.

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[Trailer] Pusha T – Wrath of Caine

I for one am a huge Pusha T fan. He kind of seems like the legitimate Rick Ross, as if he actually comes from this storied cocaine underworld that Rozay wishes so badly he was accustomed to. His trademark noise is almost as raw as Rozay’s, too. I don’t even know how to describe it so I’ll try to type it: “yuuukcchhh.” Like a disgusted, pissed off, Yiddish grandmother. I digress.

Anyways, Mr. T dropped the trailer to his upcoming mixtape, titled “Wrath of Caine.” The follow up to “Fear of God,” which was incredible, has high expectations. No due date yet, but you can definitely expect some new Pusha to drop in the near future.

Shouts out to Ron Reagan. GOP baby.


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The Pirate Bay: Away From Keyboard

As much as I love the internet, there’s no denying that it can be an incredibly scary place. The unlimited sharing of files, and the stealing and pirating of such files, is a huge business. And, where there’s huge business, there’s huge players. Players who will do whatever necessary to protect their game. The Pirate Bay is one of those businesses. Run by incredibly brilliant, cunning, and adaptive geniuses, they have become one of the most influential file sharing sites on the internet.

This is a trailer of the documentary that tells their story. Watch and enjoy, and keep in mind that, without file sharing sites such as those god-fathered by TPB, there would be no Sunset, no PMA, no music blogs.


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