[Premiere] Toyko – you do.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the new single from evocative LA-based upstarts Toyko who prefer to keep things cryptic on the surface. No real origin story is available on the duo and they’ve opted for expertly designed collage art instead of traditional publicity photos. However, when it comes to delving into the nuts and bolts of their moody, multidimensional, electro-tinged pop, they are quite forthcoming. “Thematically I wanted to touch on the bittersweet nature of being with someone you love but don’t get to see often” the band reflects. “I had gotten the idea for the chorus lyrics one night when I had texted my girlfriend ‘i love you’ before bed.  She responded after I was already asleep but the next day said to me, ‘Just know I love you so much even if I don’t say it”. If that beautiful sentiment sounds too syrupy for you, simply hit play and let the edgy synth work and wily distortion offset your trepidation.


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