THEY. – Deep End

THEY. gave us a taste of what a rock and r&b fusion could sound like with their track “Motley Crue”, which they released last year. Ever since that moment, we’ve been on the edge of our seats to see if they’d keep the unique vibes going. Luckily for us, they’re keeping that special spark with their new track “Deep End”. It wouldn’t be THEY. if there wasn’t r&b flavors laced with rock ‘n’ roll. There may be sensual, smooth vocals, but the edginess is still in full swing. If you want to feel a little punk when listening to r&b, go ahead and dive into this one. Listen to THEY.’s “Deep End” below.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: LA Girl

New Tape Tuesday!

I have a weird confession. I had not heard the “LA Girl” part of “Robocop” until I saw clips of Kanye’s recent live performance of 808s & Heartbreak on YouTube. I don’t know how this happened. I must have downloaded an unfinished version of “Robocop” from LimeWire when it leaked and never replaced it with the finished version! For years I have been unaware of one of the most beautiful album interludes of all time by my favorite artist of all time.

To make up for it and way overcompensate for that prior gap in knowledge, I made a mixtape inspired by “LA Girl.” It continues to highlight the recent upward trend of California-inspired art à la Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto, The Weeknd’s “The Hills,” and this past July’s Tape Tuesday The Hills Have Eyes.

Goin’ up in L.A., girl I know what you’re used to / Don’t worry ’bout a thing, we can just keep it simple

NOTE: The SoundCloud mix is missing track 13 (“Daddy Issues” by The Neighbourhood).


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THEY. – Motley Crue

they. - motley crue

There are a few record labels in music that have cemented their reputation as reputable imprints that only put out quality records – Interscope Geffen, future classics, Young Turks, and the newly formed, West Coast record label, Mind of a Genius.

Though Mind of a Genius is a boutique dance imprint, it has consistently pushed the envelope with its roster, only signing artists that bring a deeper level of creativity and dedication to their craft. The West Coast imprint made its debut in 2014 alongside their inaugural signing – ZHU – and quickly established themselves as an independent record label with a talent for tastemaking and a knack for picking the right talents.

THEY. is the third artist to be signed to Mind of a Genius, following the electronic luminary, ZHU, and R&B sensation, Gallant. The duo of Dante and Drew showcase an unique take on hip hop, as Dante’s strong production grabs elements from indie rock and dance in a way that few others can. With ringing endorsements by ZHU and Mind of a Genius, THEY. are primed for a breakout, and they’ve just dropped their debut EP, NU RELIGION.

On the lead single of the EP, “Motley Crue,” a layered, psychedelic-esque guitar melody provides an interesting, but unexpected, canvas for Drew to deliver his stand-out topline on “Motley Crue.” The arpeggiated guitars eventually make way for complex and evolving drum work that only serves to elevate the catchy verses of THEY.

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