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Mashup Monday | Week 135

Mashup Monday

This week, I opened up submissions to all fans of the Sunset Facebook page. I had to moderate a little bit, because I can’t say I loved all of them, but most of them were total gems. I might have to do that more often, so if you’re a big fan of mashups and want to submit yours/a friend’s/your favorite, keep an eye out on the Facebook page! Hit the jump to see the full collection!

1. Nilson vs Third Party Feat. RHCP – Otherside (3LAU Edit)

3LAU just created an absurd banger out of some Red Hot Chili Peppers for us. If this isn’t one of the bigger party sounds of the hour, I’m not sure what is. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this resurface again on this week’s 5 Best Dance Songs of the Week. Killer job by 3LAU.

2. Dear Vagabond (Freelance Whales x Steve Miller Band x Styx x Wolfmother x The Beatles) -ScottScottScott

There’s an introduction on this song that you can skip by downloading the MP3 file here, but a mashup with Freelance Whales and The Beatles was absolutely necessary to include. Again I find myself a victim of the mashups with the lesser-mashed songs. That is, no Krewella. Despite the copyright infringement, well done, ScottScottScott.

Hit the jump for more mashups!

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Mashup Monday!

Mashup Monday

I told myself this morning that it would be a coffee morning because I felt a bit like a zombie when I got up today. Lo and behold, the energy I get when I get to work (where I get to see so many friends and fun people) made the coffee unnecessary. I’m still bouncing off the walls like a child. And these songs are my soundtrack.

1. “Long Time (The Two Friends Remix)” – John de Sohn (ft. Andreas Moe)

2. “Livin’ On a Sandman Again and Again (Basto vs. Bon Jovi vs. Metallica vs. Calvin Harris)” -Compson Sound

3. “SIO (Black Eyed Peas // Pitbull // Marc Anthony // Kelly Clarkson // Carly Rae Jepsen // Calvin Harris // Ne-Yo)” – DOSVEC

4. “Fade Into Coming Back (Avicii x Taylor Swift x Calvin Harris)” – Compson Sound

5. “Call Me Childish Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Childish Gambino)” – Oh, Hi Yo!

6. “Hey Bojangles (Red Hot Chili Peppers x Pitbull)” – Oh, Hi Yo!

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Mashup Monday | Jan 30, 2012

Mashup Monday

Before putting this together, I stopped for a second and tried to figure out what edition of Mashup Monday this is. I thought about it for about 5 seconds, and then immediately stopped and figured that’s not the best use of my time. But if any of you out there want to scroll all the way back in the Mashup Monday category and do the math from there, please be my guest. I’d love to know!

Anyway – apologies for missing a couple Mashup Mondays lately. Turns out Mondays are a pretty busy day of the week. Who knew, huh? Here are some tunes to get you through the week. Oh and did yall know that The Jane Doze are going to be DJ’ing at the Grammy’s this year? That’s pretty awesome, considering the first time I posted their music, they were essentially unheard of.

1. MP3: “When You Know” (Wiz Khalifa x Two Door Cinema Club) – The Two Friends

2. “Five” (Mylo x FreeSol x Justin Timberlake x Calvin Harris x Archie V) – DOSVEC

3. “Lotus Flower Theory” (Wale x Miguel x Washed Out x RAC x Birdy x John Lennon – DJ Fergie Ferg

4. “You Said Forever” (Ratatat x Gotye x Whitney Houston x Broke For Free x Bloc Party x The Shins) – DJ BAHLER*

5. “Hey, Breathe Out” (Britney Spears x Skrillex x Taylor Swift) – The Jane Doze & DJ BAHLER

*This actually goes against a lot of what I’ve been saying lately, which is to avoid remixing a song that’s perfect as it is (hinting at a lot of the songs on this mix), but it’s just such an interesting collection of songs, and so far from the norm of today’s mashups, that I had to post it and see what you guys thought of it.

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Mashup Monday – Dec 5th Edition

Mashup Monday

Oh my God it’s Monday. Where did the weekend go? Well, for me, I think it’s obvious. I didn’t get out of bed until 5 PM on Saturday. We’ll leave it at that.

This first mashup makes me feel like I’m on steroids at the gym or something. A little bit like I could take over the world. Probably because it’s got a song from my past in it. I tell you, I still remember every single word of this song, and that’s true with SO MANY SONGS FROM MY CHILDHOOD. Maybe I need to quit my job and continue the art of School House Rock. So brilliant. America could quickly become the smartest country (see ya, China) again if we turned it into hip hop lyrics. Alright, somebody get on that. Or maybe I will. We’ll see.

1. “Smashed Again” (Smash Mouth x Basto) – The Two Friends
Smashed Again (2F Bootleg) by The Two Friends

This next one is too legit. Want to know why? BECAUSE THEY SAMPLED BIG L! That shit is real.

2. “In The Cold Cold Night” (The White Stripes x Tupac x Biggie x Big L) – VOODOO FARM
The White Stripes ft. 2pac, Biggie, Big L- In The Cold Cold Night (VOODOO FARM REMIX) by VOODOO FARM

This one tapped into the new rage that is Icona Pop. And added Madonna to it. That was a ballsy move, but Miss Alexandra Baker pulled it off! Get it girl.

3. “Nights Like Bonita” (Icona Pop x Madonna) – Alexandra Baker
Nights Like Bonita by Icona Pop

This guy is a little raw, but it’s got something going on. Big Sean + Xaphoon (you crazy) + J. Cole? Caught my eye immediately. Plus I love this DJ because he’s writes a lot on the Sunset Facebook Page — I love that. Here’s an alternate download link.

4. “Blow Up Or Bust” (Big Sean x Xaphoon Jones x J. Cole) – DJ Radio DreaD
Blow up or Bust [Big Sean x Xaphoon Jones x J Cole] *ALT. DL LINK* by DJ RadioDreaD

Wow. This really is a kick ass party anthem! This can definitely jumpstart my Monday. Maybe I needed this on Saturday, hmm? Damn. This is a ridiculously good mashup. I love.

5. “Kick Ass Party Anthem” – Fat Superman
Kick Ass Party Anthem by Fat Superman

I will admit to something that most of you guys will likely scoff at. I’m a music snob but I love “California Girls” by Katy Perry. Isn’t is spelled differently? Like Gurls or something like that? See, I’m snobby enough to not even know. But I love it. It’s so good. “Teenage Dream” is too. Ugh, okay, I’m embarrassed now. Just kidding, I’m not.

6. Raining California Girls (Kaskade x Dada Life & Kaskade x Deadmau5 x Skrillex x Florence & The Machine x Benny Benassi x Bruno Mars x Katy Perry x Kevin Rudolf x Rihanna) – Doug Bogan
Raining California Girls! by dougbogan

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