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Listen While You Work: 2.0

Listen While You Work 1.0 started with me saying I was trying to keep my head above water at my job. I came out yesterday in a pretty personal post saying that I wasn’t going to live that way anymore. That said, I still spend many hours at work, and it’s always important to have good music to listen to at work. And so comes Episode 2 of Listen While You Work. For the most part, it’s a little more upbeat this time; you gotta keep you head up while ya work, right? This version features music from the following artists:

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[Mixtape] Just Another Day – Sunset in the Rearview

Just Another Day Sunset in the Rearview Mixtape

I’ve spent the past couple of days laying low and listening to music. I’ve turned down offers to go out on the town or explore different areas of the city, only to find myself alone by my computer engrossed in the crevaces of new lyrical patterns or instrumental orchestrations. It’s times like these that I am able to remind myself how much music means to me. The past month has been an interesting one. There have been emotional roller coasters (as you probably noticed if you follow me on Twitter), but there have also been moments of feeling like I can take over the world. It’s all part of the realization that life is a day-to-day thing. From one day to the next, you never know what’s coming your way. Be prepared for what will be thrown at you and you’ll make it through okay, I suppose. But today? Today feels like just another day.

Shout out to the people who led me to find these songs. They’re part of my story, one way or another.

Just another day around the way, try to make today better than yesterday


  1. Blind Pilot – Get It Out
  2. The National – Exile Vilify
  3. Frederick Squire – All Things Past Serve To Guide You On Your Way
  4. Rhye – Open
  5. Mikey Mike – Joy Fire Freedom
  6. Air – Seven Stars
  7. Of Monsters & Men – Six Weeks
  8. beat radio – teenage anthem for the drunken boat
  9. David’s Lyre – English Roses
  10. Priory – Lady of Late
  11. Stori – Just Another Day


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