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Mashup Monday | Week 139

Mashup Monday

I might die today, yall. After a weekend back at Duke, pretending I was in college again and all that, my body took a toll. But hey…it’s Monday. Popped a molly, I’m sweatin [WOO!]


1. Notorious Insanity [Jamiroquai x Notorious BIG] – Flight Facilities


2. All Gold Shuriken [Trinidad James x Madeon] – The Hood Internet


3. Semblance (Phoenix x Matisyahu x Blink 182 x Fergie) – CHANGE.


4. Semblance of Sound [Hudson Mohawke x Phoenix x Fergie x Sleigh Bells x Dead Prez x Blink 182 x more] – DJ Bahler


5. Last Night Daft Punk Saved My Life [Daft Punk x Pharrell x Indeep] – The Melker Project


6. Just A Poppa [Notorious BIG x Biz Markie] – DOSVEC


7. I Will Lose Myself in Time (Mumford & Sons x One Republic x Imagine Dragons] – DJ 21azy

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Mashup Monday | Week 136

Mashup Monday

I chose to take the same method as last week and ask Facebook fans for mashup submissions, so make sure you’re a fan of the Sunset Facebook page and keep an eye out on Monday for the posts that call for submissions. It’s worked pretty well so far, so I might keep doing that. Shout out to all my homies over there (Anthony, Garrett, Josh, Elisha, and Mike) who submitted songs. We got some fire right hurr. Also, some of these are remixes rather than mashups, but they were too good to ignore, so I put them in here. Hit the jump to hear all of the songs.


1. Midnight Swimming (M83 x Kendrick Lamar) – Patombomb 

2. One Day I’ll Be Rich Enough To Buy You All (Rihanna x Rise Against) – Dr. Brixx

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Mashup Monday | Week 134

Mashup Monday

Tell me you’ve seen a mashup with a better lineup than the first one on today’s docket. The White Panda outdid themselves with Ellie Goulding, Kendrick Lamar, RHCP and The Lumineers all in one mashup. I nearly threw in the towel and quit after that one, but more mashups were calling my name this week, lucky for you guys. Also, I’m typically morally opposed to 2Chainz, but this mashup that The Hood Internet threw together with 2Chainz and STRFKR is just so jiggy. I can’t help myself! Fuck 2Chainz, tho.


1. Firefly (Ellie Goulding x Kendrick Lamar x Red Hot Chili Peppers x The Lumineers) – The White Panda (Download here) 

2. While I’m Different (2 Chainz x STRFKR) – The Hood Internet

3. Bright Diamonds (Rihanna x The Knocks) – DOSVEC

4. Feelin’ The Landslide (Fleetwood Mac x Jay-Z) – The Melker Project (Download whole mixtape here)

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Mashup Monday | Week 132

Mashup Monday

Ay caramba. I’ve been in my death bed for the past four days with what seemed to be the plague, or perhaps the black lung, but I’ve finally managed to lift myself out of it and mosey on over to the couch (#PowerMoves), where I’m now watching football, posting this Mashup Monday, and preparing myself for the Bachelor premiere. I am SO 2013. Hit the jump to see all of the mashups!

1. The Melker Project & Friendly Greg – What You Know About Titanium ft. David Guetta & T.I.

2. Phoenix vs. Kavinsky – Night Mania (Carlos Serrano Mix)

3. The Melker Project – Locked Out Of Swimming Pools ft. Kendrick Lamar & Bruno Mars

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Mashup Monday!

Decent mashups are getting harder and harder to come by these days. Seems like your traditional mashup artists are moving more toward original production and leaving mashups in the rearview. Luckily for us, there are still some solid mashup artists out there, but really…the good ones these days are few and far between. Here are five that stood out this week. Shout out to Patrick this week — happy belated birthday!


1. Let’s Go (The Melker Project R&B Remix) – Calvin Harris Ft. Ne-Yo Vs. Bobby Creekwater

2. PSY vs Rick James – Superfreak Gangnam Style (Inglorious Bassterds)

3. Love You Like a Love Song (Selena Gomez x Chase & Status) – Ricky Cervantes & Frail Limb Purity

4. Want You Back (Jackson 5 x Jay-Z) – Juxtaposer

5. Ghostbusters Gone Wild (Ludacris x Ray Parker Jr) – JuxtaPoser

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Mashup Monday

Mashup Monday

It’s Monday again. So I get to sit here and dance/bop around on a bus while listening to a bunch of mashups, trying to figure out which ones are worthy of your ears and time. Are yall still into mashups? Is this still fun for you? I’m still having fun, I think, so hey…let’s dance. Wobble di wobble di wob.

1. GOOD House Party Time (Owl City x Meek Mill x Carly Rae Jepsen) – The Melker Project

2. Angels Roulette (Rihanna x The xx) – The Melker Project

3. Dance with Henrietta (Big Sean x Yeasayer) – The Hood Internet

4. The Veldt Edge In My Life (Deadmau5 x Coldplay x The Beatles x Lady Gaga) – Compson Sound

5. Every Little Gambino She Does is Childish (Childish Gambino x Bon Iver x The Police x Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros x Paul Simon x Mumford & Sons x Jonsi) – 8corp

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Mashup Monday!

Mashup Monday

I got to meet one of Sunset’s long-time readers this weekend, and I quickly wanted to ask her what her favorite features are. She told me she’s a big Bon Iver fan, so of course we could bond over that love. But then she told me that my Mashup Monday posts help her get through the week. And all I could think was, ‘well, shit. When was the last time I did a Mashup Monday?’ So, I suck, I’m sorry, my condolences…take what you will. And here’s a brand spankin’ new Mashup Monday post.

1. “Dirt Off Your Shoulder Vs. Born To Die” (Jay-Z x Lana Del Rey) – The Melker Project

2. “IDGAFOS” (Dillon Francis x Kanye West x Clipse x Mims) – DJ D.Veloped

3. “Recipe Girl” (Kendrick Lamar x Pitbull x Trina x Dr. Dre) – DOSVEC

4. “Wonderfield” (Porter Robinson x Katy Perry x Adele x Wiz Khalifa x Oasis) – DJ Trademark & Yoni

5. “Not Another Dancing Song” (Robyn x Bengali x Avicii) – The Two Friends

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Mashup Monday!

Mashup Monday

It’s been a while since I’ve found the inspiration to put together a Mashup Monday post, and I’m not sure whether I’m getting over mashups, or maybe there just haven’t been enough quality mashups to keep my attention. Either way, that’s all bullshit nonsense today, because I found some mashups that are more than worth your time. What does that make them? Shit, I don’t know. Just listen.

1. Say Hello vs. Because (Jay-Z x The Beatles) – The Melker Project

This is a rare Beatles acapella, and the two songs just sound so natural together. I love it.

2. The Mixtape Volume 6 – The Hood Internet

There’s no doubt about it: The Hood Internet are some of the best mashup artists of our time. It’s their ability to mash up indie hipster music with hip-hop or more mainstream stuff. It might be the only time hipster fuckers and mainstream fuckers get along. Download all songs here.

3. Bittersweet Donald (Mac Miller x The Verve) – The White Panda

I don’t know. This one isn’t as good as the Jay-Z x The Verve mashup, but it aint bad.
Bittersweet Donald (Mac Miller // The Verve) by whitepandamusic

4. Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye x Kimbra x Drake x Rihanna x Adele x Bruno Mars) – Norwegian Recycling

This is pretty legit. Norwegian Recycling always goes the extra mile by creating a video to go with the mashup. So much talent. Download MP3 here.

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