The Lighthouse And The Whaler

Tape Tuesday: Ghosting

There are many definitions for “ghosting.” That’s why I chose it as the title for this mixtape. Ghosting is kind of everything right now. Tomorrow on election day (crazy) people will attempt to cast “ghost votes.” As the temperature gets colder and colder, we’re starting to see the water vapor we breath (also this). That’s ghosting. Most importantly, however, in college, it can be incredibly difficult not to feel like a ghost. Dragging your tired feet from class to class in silence and getting lost in a mob of your talented peers. That is ghosting, and over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of that–just going through the motions without truly experiencing them. It’s a problem, and this tape really isn’t the solution. Instead, it is a peek into a day in the life of a ghost.

Oh baby, are you free now? Still living for the weekend?

  1. T0W3RS – Scout
  2. Lincoln Jesser – Silver Haze (ft. Kyle)
  3. The Zolas – Knot in My Heart
  4. Pear Shape – The Coca Cola Kid
  5. Alice Jemima – By Your Side
  6. Tim Myers & El May – Me & My Friends
  7. The Lighthouse and the Whaler – Chromatic
  8. Lukas Graham – Drunk in the Morning
  9. Junica – The Dream
  10. Theme Park – Ready for the Floor (Hot Chip Cover)
  11. Mikky Ekko – Pull Me Down (Prod. Clams Casino)
  12. From The Airport – Colors
  13. Ofei – London
  14. Benjamin Francis Leftwich – In the Open
  15. Neighbors – Diamonds
  16. Yellow Ostrich – Ghost
  17. Texture Like Sun – One Great Prize


It’s hard and weird not to know how your day begins, so I’m lying next to someone new

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Tape Tuesday: Summit Sanctuary

New Tape Tuesday!

It’s amazing just how much can happen in one month. I graduated. I spent a week in a cabin with 10 of my best friends. I went to college orientation. June was a lot of new people, places, and things mixed in with the old and familiar. I think I’m at a stage in my life where growing up is a balancing act between the new and the old, sticking with fond memories versus moving onto new experiences. “Summit Sanctuary” was the name of the cabin in which my friends and I stayed. I wanted to use this mix as a documentation of the week we spent there, a moment in time captured in a soundtrack.

There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you… how do you feel about Europe?

  1. The Lighthouse and the Whaler – Venice
  2. The Royal Concept – Goldrushed
  3. The Griswolds – Heart of a Lion
  4. The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice
  5. The Jungle Giants – She’s a Riot
  6. The Gunpoets – Make You Happy (ft. Maddy Walsh)
  7. Fresh Expresso – Bedroom
  8. Lee – With You
  9. Get Well Soon – Hold On (ft. Loui The Zu)
  10. Dr Dr – Get Free (Major Lazer Cover)
  11. Allo Darlin’ – Europe
  12. Slowdance – Boyfriend
  13. Avec Sans – Heartbreak Hi
  14. The Lighthouse and the Whaler – Pioneers
  15. The Novel Ideas – Promise
  16. Asaf Avidan & the Mojos – Reckoning Song
  17. The Milk – Everytime We Fight


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6 Indie Songs on Repeat

I haven’t posted anything since TEENAGERS. Mostly because I was busy graduating. But you know what? Even when I’m super busy, I still download music. Adding songs to my iTunes is so ingrained into my daily schedule. I read blogs and get new music all the time. And so when I woke up this morning and realized I was sitting on some pretty cool tracks I decided to make this post. Blogs nowadays move so fast, so if you’ve heard some of these songs already… well, just keep that information to yourself.

I really enjoyed taking a few days off. You should, too. Go on vacation, and bring these songs along.

1. “Pioneers” – The Lighthouse and the Whaler

2. “Let The Door Swing” – Birds & Batteries

3. MP3: Beat Club – Something Better

4. MP3: Fast Years – Happy Hour

5. MP3: Fast Years – Fall for Me

6. “Man on Fire (Little Daylight Remix)” – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I was wishing we could go back to how it was before age impaired our reach.

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