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Heirsound- Just Sayin (The Internet Cover)

The Internet just got their first Grammy nomination and are still flying on the high of a successful album, so it’s no surprise that another artist would want to take on one of their beautiful creations. A new act, Heirsound, have decided to put their own touch on The Internet track “Just Sayin” and it’s quite the display of what the band is capable of. Although they don’t stray too far from the original, they still manage to provide their own sound in the process. They give the r&b, funky tune a little taste of alternative-rock and it shows in all the right ways. Listen to the Heirsound’s impressive cover of “Just Sayin” below.

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The Internet – Famous

The Internet  has been stealing hearts for quite some time with their chill, r&b vibes. Their latest album Ego Death had fans hitting the repeat button and falling even more for the edgy California band. Although their last release has had many hypnotized, they’ve decided to release a new little kick with a tune called “Famous”. It’s a bonus track from Ego Death and it’s the most upbeat out of all other tracks on the album. Syd the Kyd sings her soulful heart out to a groove-worthy beat and declares her admiration for a woman she’d like to make “famous”. It’s an irresistible track with a lot of charm. Listen to the track below.

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Mac Miller – Objects In The Mirror [Music Video]

So here we have a video for Mac Miller’s latest track “Objects In The Mirror” off of his sophomore effort Watching Movies With The Sound Off, and to be totally honest I have no idea what’s going on. Just like most of you, when I turn on a Mac Miller track I expect a catchy beat with a huge, poppy hook that I can immediately envision white, sorority girls pre-gaming to. But much to my very pleasant surprise, that is certainly NOT the case with “Objects In The Mirror.” While the album’s official tracklisting has the track as featureless and produced by Pharrell, the video has make laying down his surprisingly-serviceable singing voice down on a live-backing by Odd Future’s The Internet, which leaves me feeling like I’m listening to a Phony Ppl track. And I LOVE Phony Ppl. Of course, I know a person or two on Twitter that would tell me that this has been the case, but whatever. WMWTSO is due out on June 18th, and you can catch Mac on tour this summer with some of my (and probably your) favorites.

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