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[Festival Review] Outside Lands 2013

Outside Lands: That time when San Franciscans make their annual trek into the foggy depths of Golden Gate Park to tap into their inner rocker, raver or head bopper depending on the vibe they’re going for (and/or how many drinks they had the night before).

Show-stopping performances came from newcomers and veterans alike throughout the course of the weekend, but a few stood out to me as especially noteworthy. [Continue reading to get the skinny on all the best performances, songs and secrets from the weekend from guest writer Molly Murtaugh.]

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Songs of the Week: August 5 – August 11

1. The Head and The Heart – Shake (Posted by Lydia)

I have seen The Head and The Heart twice now, and each time, they have completely blown me away. The first time was in Chicago’s Millennium Park when they opened for Iron & Wine, and the second time was in Houston earlier this summer. They’re one of those bands who truly put a spell over their audience; their music is so gripping, emotive, and, to put it simply, damn good. This one is a little less folky and a little more rock n’ roll, but certainly has the signature H&H sound to it. The Head and the Heart’s new album, Let’s Be Still, will be released on 10/15/13.

Even if it was a mistake, I won’t forget your face

2. Dillon Francis ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Without You (Posted by Alicia)

So when this track came out, people had said that Dillon Francis was crying at the end of his set as he dropped this song for the first time, which caught my attention. Rarely is electronic music able to instill emotion in such a powerful way. In his own words: “This song is very meaningful to me because as TEED and I were working on the song, I was having relationship problems of my own. He ended up writing the song about the whole situation I was going through.” This is certainly a break of pace for Francis, and one he has said he wants to continue in. I think he should…what he has created here is as moving as it is catchy. While indie kids are going to listen to Bon Iver when they break up, EDM kids are going to listen to this.

If only you could see the future, it’s all yours now

3. Jon Waltz – Somewhere Else (Posted by Arjun)

Jon Waltz is clearly heavily influenced by ASAP Rocky, as his style sounds pretty much directly derived from the ASAP movement. That being said, he does it well. The trippy, trap production he raps over in Somewhere Else compliments his flow, and Waltz goes hard throughout. He gained a new fan in me with this song, even though what he’s putting out does not seem to have a particularly unique sound at this point. It will be interesting to seem him evolve going forward.

4. SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse (Oliver Nelson Remix) (Posted by Arjun)

SomeKindaWonderful‘s debut track “Reverse” was an absolute jam in its own right, and got me really excited for them to release new music. Oliver Nelson‘s remix really just brings the track to a whole other level, though, and gives it an awesome disco-dance vibe. Tough to not bob my head to this and do a little chair dance as I sit down to type this. Definitely a track I will throw on at a party, this one has huge mainstream potential.

5. Denitia and Sene – It’s Your Fault (Posted by Alicia)

I’m not really sure how it happened, but this genre really snuck up on me and now I can’t stop listening to it. Each week, I seem to be including more and more glitzed out, laid back electronic music, a genre I really never listened to very much until recently. Now I seem to not be able to get enough. I think Disclosure was what got me into it in the first place, but now it seems to almost be an obsession. It just puts me in a different place, and I’m digging it.

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[MP3] The Head and the Heart – Shake

Folk music can be done incredibly well, or it can be botched entirely. Luckily, The Head and the Heart are one of those bands that excel in the field of folk. (God, what am I, writing a high school essay or something?) Seriously, though, this song sounds fantastic, it tells a true story (you know it’s true…and don’t go getting dirty on us here, IT’S ABOUT MORE THAN THAT YALL), it’s a beautiful marriage of male and female vocals, and it’s got that stomp-clap thing going on that I can’t ever get enough of when it’s done right.

The Head and the Heart’s new album, Let’s Be Still, will be released on 10/15/13.

You wont forget the man who’s making you shake

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Tape Tuesday: King and Lionheart

One thing that’s cool about music these days is that it can come from so many different places. This mix is a compilation of songs from the places I’ve been since my last mix. I watched the emotional Chuck series finale, which ended with “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart. I dealt with an actual conversation about death on New Year’s Eve and found the Scattered Trees song as a result of it. I finally looked up Perfume Genius and stumbled upon their short but sweet new song called “Hood.” I discovered Kishi Bashi thanks to his ties with of Montreal (whose new album you can stream here). Lydia showed me Terence Ryan and Ugly, Ugly Words. Literally, every song on this mix comes from a unique person, place, or event that affected me in the past month. The result is King and Lionheart.

Well, you know, I’ll have to see, if all the stars aligned we could have solved the mystery, 
It’s a partial fantasy, we’re living in a land that went astray from history.


  1. Terence Ryan – Skeleton (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix)
  2. Kishi Bashi – It All Began with a Burst
  3. Midi Matilda – Day Dreams
  4. Antonio Paul – Made in China [Acoustic Mix]
  5. Scattered Trees – A Conversation (About Death on New Year’s Eve)
  6. Guillemots – I Don’t Feel Amazing Now
  7. Perfume Genius – Hood
  8. Spector – Grey Shirt & Tie
  9. Matt Corby – Brother
  10. Ugly, Ugly Words – Groundhog
  11. Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart
  12. Matt Corby – My False
  13. Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites
  14. Walk The Moon – Next in Line
  15. Radical Face – Always Gold
  16. The Head and the Heart – Rivers and Roads
  17. Deportees – A Heart Like Yours In A Time Like This


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