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Ticket Giveaway: The Griswolds Concert in San Francisco

Aussie wonders The Griswolds are coming to San Francisco! I’ve got two tickets to give away to two lucky locals. They’re performing at The Independent on 7/1/2015; it should be a fun, super high energy show!

To enter to win the tickets, EITHER:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your favorite song of the moment.


2. Tweet the following: “I’m entering to win 2 tickets to see @wethegriswolds in SF from @SunsetRearview –”

To be eligible: you must leave your comment/send your tweet by end of day (midnight) PST on Thursday 6/25. I will randomly select a winner on Friday 6/26 and will get in touch with that person via Facebook or Twitter – whichever they submitted through.

Check out the new music video for The Griswolds’ song “If You Wanna Stay” below. Or stream their debut LP, “Be Impressive” on Spotify. See their full US tour schedule after the jump.


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The Griswolds – Beware the Dog

New The Griswolds!

The Griswolds have this knack for coming through with hearty jams just in time for the summer months. Like many acts throughout rock history, their cheeriest songs often have the darkest meanings, and “Beware the Dog” is no different. Lead singer Christopher Whitehall told our friends over at The Music Ninja, “This is the first song Dan [Duque-Perez] and I ever wrote together. It’s about losing someone we were really close with to heavy drug use. ‘Beware the Dog’ is about that journey – the good and the bad times.” Still, like TMN points out it’s quite hard not to sing-along to that chorus.

…But now you’re fucking crazy!

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Watch All of the Music Videos The Griswolds Have Released

New The Griswolds!

There’s very little in the world that can match the unabashed joy of Australian five-piece The Griswolds. We know this joy from their unendingly catchy songs, such as “Mississippi” and “Heart of a Lion” from their debut Heart of a Lion EP. Over the past year or so, the group has steadily released some of the most fun and unique music videos to accompany their songs. In them we get to see the guys celebrate with a Holi-like powder, perform in what looks like the strangest and most fun outdoor performance ever, dress up like Lana del Rey (that part gets confusing), and become headless cartoons.

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Top EPs & Mixtapes of 2012: Sunset in the Rearview

EPs & Mixtapes of 2012

2012 has been a good year for music. I know I found some songs and albums that will be with me for years. More importantly, however, I discovered some young artists whose careers I will follow. A lot of these EPs and mixtapes are debuts for artists. These are, perhaps, the first glances at the future of music. Check it out.

Hit continue reading to see the lists and hear a sample from each EP and mixtape.

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The Griswolds – Heart of a Lion

Earlier this year Lydia introduced us to The Griswolds, and ever since then I’ve been an avid fan of the Aussie band. I mean, what’s not to love about them? Their sound is a mix of Reptar and Vampire Weekend, and those are not comparisons I take lightly.

This EP is the soundtrack to your next road trip. It is something you can listen to with friends; it is something that will make the most insignificant moments significantly more fun (see: “Mississippi”). And the best part about how “fun” Heart of a Lion sounds is that it’s matched by moments of real clarity. If you look at the Vampy Weekend-esque “The Courtship of Summer Preasley,” you get the reflective:

Why would you open up to me that way? I’ve got my own issues, too. Why would you open up to me that way? Is small talk too hard for you? 

And the short but sweet “Red Tuxedo” (clocks just under 2 minutes) offers a quick glance at a school dance romance that is a poignant and fitting conclusion to the four song project.

Further proof this band is the coolest:

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Tape Tuesday: We are the universe.

This Tape Tuesday features an eclectic assortment of music. It starts out with probably the best opening track from any album this year. Then, it moves into the endlessly catchy title track (kind of) by tree, only to be taken up a notch with the strangely unknown Skizzy Mars track, “Meant for Me,” which I think is one of his best songs yet. After another relatively unknown track, the mix takes a more folksy tone with a Matt Longo track (thanks to an email from him, which I almost didn’t open). Leading up to the interlude (edited by yours truly), the songs become more indie rock. Each song in this middle section of the mix is uniquely catchy. At least, I think so. ‘We are the universe.’ then ends with two haunting tracks from powerful female vocalists followed by an intense love (but also kind of hate) song that will make you want to square dance or some shit.

Also, I would like to shout out Lydia and Jordan for hitting me up with some of my favorite tracks of the month. I would also like to thank Charlotte Wilder for illustrating the awesome cover art.

No sun revolves around you only, how could you think that you’re lonely? Our universe is vast but gravity will hold you back and overcoming obstacles is easy when you got control.

  1. Frankie Rose – Interstellar
  2. tree – Universal (ft. Ariel Thiermann)
  3. Skizzy Mars – Meant for Me
  4. Mikey Mike – If I Ain’t Stopped Lovin’ You by Now (Chainsaw Love, Pt. 4)
  5. Matt Longo – Level-Headed Man
  6. Raider – Lady, Lady
  7. The Griswolds – Mississippi
  8. Imagine Dragons – It’s Time
  9. Reptar – Sebastian
  10. San Cisco – Rocket Ship
  11. Fixers – Another Lost Apache
  12. Fixers – Iron Deer Dream (RAC Remix)
  13. The Lumineers – Ho Hey
  14. Imagine Dragons – Tokyo
  15. Made in Japan – What It Is
  16. Lady Danville – Operating
  17. M83 – M83’s Interlude
  18. Chairlift – Met Before
  19. Charli XCX – Stay Away
  20. Alexander Rybak – Fairytale


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Top 5 Songs From My Weekend

Top 5 Songs From My Weekend

It’s Sunday night. The Oscars just ended. I just had the beautiful realization that I live on the West Coast, so when I say The Oscars just ended, it’s only 8:45 PM. What better time to go digging through the music I discovered this weekend to pick the top 5? Part of me hopes you don’t read this until Monday, so we can all get our weeks started the right way. But then again…some people say weeks start on Sunday. I say those people are stupid.

1. “Mississippi” – The Griswolds

Young Australian band The Griswolds were just introduced to me today, and I’m already digging them. Tell me this beat doesn’t get you excited right off the bat. I’m going to be sure to keep my eyes on these guys.
You’re making a mess of me…

2. “I’ll Never Know” – Charli XCX 

I’ll be honest. When I first heard of Charli XCX, I wasn’t into her. At all. I told myself I would ignore her rising popularity among the bloggers and refrain from posting her music on the site, because it would go against the morals of only posting music that I truly love. But then she won me over, damnit. It’s poppy as hell, but it’s catchy. And it’s cool. And tropical. I want to be on the beach drinking a pina colada. How is this goth chick making me want to be on a beach? Ugh, life is so twisted.

3. “Cookie Coma” – Hodgy Beats

I feel like I’ve been slacking on posting hip-hop lately. Trust me, it’s weird to me too. That’s why I started this blog in the first place. But sometimes I’m in a different place and need different music. Today, though, I’m here to share some quality hip-hop from Odd Future’s very own Hodgy Beats. He just released a mixtape and I have a feeling it’s going to be getting multiple spins on my end. [via TV]

4. “Already Gone” – Milano Sun

I never cease to be amazed by the Scandinavian bands that pop up left and right as though they’re here to take over the world of music. Today it’s Milano Sun doing this for me. This song is so intriguing–the low bass line, the surf-like sounds, the whistling, the acoustic guitar–these noises are coming at me from all angles and every single one of them is drawing me in further and further. Love it.

5. “Primitive Girl” – M. Ward
Primitive Girl by M. Ward

It’s always exciting to see that a new M. Ward track has come out. He’s one of the more unique-sounding indie artists I’ve heard in my day, with that raspy voice that’s always paired with such enjoyable background music. Today’s song is no different than the usual–catchy, fun instrumentals set to the tune of M. Ward’s alluring voice–and I’m loving it just as much as I expected. [via ATG]

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