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Mashup Monday | Week 141

Mashup Monday

First off, happy Monday. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Mashup Monday, but I hope yall can forgive me. Now that that’s behind us, here’s our first mashup. It’s by our dude Ricky Cervantes and it got Drake, Krewlla, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem all on one track and it sounds amazing.


Second, bet you never thought you’d hear Kendrick and Katy Perry on the same track? Particularly not after meeting angry kid Kendrick on “Control.” Ah but alas, The White Panda wanted it to happen, so it did.


Third, Arjun sent me this little gem today, in perfect time for Mashup Monday. The Tutankhamun Brothers found a way to blend Kanye West and The Beatles in a way that sometimes (and frankly more times than I would have expected) actually sounds decent. Not quite Danger Mouse/The Grey Album status, but this is good stuff.

Highlight: What’s a Black Beatle

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Ticket To Ride [Beatles Cover]

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

It’s a pretty ballsy move to cover The Beatles, but Benjaman Francis Leftwich just did it.

It’s sort of like when you’re watching American Idol (which admittedly, I rarely ever do or did) and you hear that one of your favorite performers is about to cover Michael Jackson. Like dude, are you fucking serious? Why the hell would you set yourself up for failure like that? So you get all uppity and angry while the performer starts and, surprisingly, does a damn good job. As the song goes on, you actually start listening and realizing…oh shit, they’re actually doing this some serious justice. Your attitude disappears, and your respect for this artist increases. Ballsy move. Nailed it.

You nailed it, Benjamin.

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